Cutting Machine Operator

Requirements:Hauptschulabschluss (school-leaving qualification) or Mittlere Reife (GCSE)
Education duration:3.5 years
Education location:Todtnau / Rothenkirchen
Activity areas:production
Further education:Master Engineer; Business Administrator; Technician; Higher Education Programs

Education subject matter

Reading, applying, and creating technical documentation

Trade basics: drilling, turning, trimming, clamping, separating, welding

Creating, entering, and optimizing programs as well as creating and processing work pieces on numerically controlled tooling machines

Materials science, occupational safety, and environmental protection

Tasks and activities:

Your tasks include the production of tools for machines, devices, and units – with precision in form and dimensions –, through trimming and drilling operations on conventional and numerically controlled tooling machines.

  • independent creation, entering, and optimization of programs
  • aligning and clamping tools, work pieces, and devices
  • inspecting the work pieces and quality assurance

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