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Veni, vidi, VITRO

Global demand for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) – such as dialyzers, pipette tips, cuvettes, laboratory consumables and blood collection tubes – remains at a high level. Production systems such as the ZAHORANSKY VITRO Z models, which rely on plastics throughout, are therefore popular. Meaning these products can be manufactured in a short time, high quality, short start-up time and little waste.


Put a stop to the glass

ZAHORANSKY's one-stop shopping approach really comes into its own with the VITRO Z models. The range includes turnkey production systems, depending on the requirements with integrated automation solutions from third-party providers, for product manufacture - including quality control, which is very important in medical technology - through to suitable packaging machines for direct connection to sales.

VITRO Z dialyzer

Record speed dialyzer manufacture and drying

In the manufacture of capillary dialyzers, the VITRO Z dialyzer immediately took the lead in the market with a speed record: The system produces a completely assembled and tested dialyzer every four seconds. Another unique selling point is the drying process of the semi-permeable membrane filter developed and patented by ZAHORANSKY.

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VITRO Z pipette

Double quick-change system speeds up production

For efficient and precise manufacture of pipette tips, ZAHORANSKY offers injection molds in a wide variety of designs. A double quick-change system is installed for ease of maintenance. This ensures 30 percent shorter cycle times and consistently high output performance. 

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VITRO Z blood tubes

Blood tube production with plastic as the glass substitute material 

In the production of blood collection tubes (blood tubes), ZAHORANSKY relies 100 percent on plastic as a glass substitute. This is precisely where its advantages – no risk of breakage, easier handling, uncomplicated storage – come into their own.

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