Passion for perfection

State-of-the-art technology

We drive the success of customers! Over 100 years of experience; over 100 years of “Made in Germany” plus “Black Forest Quality”; over 100 years of “global spirit”; we offer over 4,000 customers across the globe the security of quality, reliability, longevity, efficiency, and precision. A training rate of young trainees of over 10% ensures that one day, we’ll be able to say: Over 200 years of...

Passion for cooperation

Part of a family

We are a family of more than 900 employees, 4,000 customers, and 500 business partners across the globe; trust through respect, a willingness to help, loyalty, and dependability is the foundation for a successful partnership.

Passion for responsibility

Corporate philosophy

We are a family-run company that believes in family values – since 1902, today and tomorrow.

ZAHORANSKY is present in the daily lives of millions of people from all over the world; we have delivered over 10,000 molds, machines, and plants – this means that great responsibility falls on our shoulders.

The responsibility we have towards the society and environment we live in, regionally and internationally, requires us to strive for sustainable intelligence through a family-operated relief organization, 300 MW of photo-voltaic installations in Spain, India, and Germany, 100% hydroelectric energy in all German plants, green building standards, and low-energy-usage concepts for our global production facilities, supporting local artists, actively supporting the mountain patrol and fire brigade, …

“Future-oriented solutions should always be sustainable, supported by corporate responsibility. Therefore, independence, a forward-looking and socially-responsible way of doing business, and handling natural resources with care have been fixed components of our corporate culture since day one.” (Ulrich Zahoransky, Managing Director ZAHORANSKY AG).



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