Tufting machine for rubber hair brushes burns rubber: 600 pins/min.


On your marks, get ready, tuft

The machine for the production of rubber hair brushes with steel or plastic pins handles exceptional tasks like a real pro. Five rubber inserts are tufted in parallel on five work stations. The VK5E offers semi-automatic operation; the operator can prepare another cassette with rubber inserts while the five inserts are being tufted.


We'll pin it down to quality.

The V5KE makes producing rubber hair brushes with wooden, steel, or plastic pins that much easier; an investment that pays off in no time at all. Performance and availability that will make your head (s)pin.

Benefits of the VK5E

  • very rapid changeovers to other hole fields (only 15–30 min., if cassette is available)
  • low energy usage and small dimensions
  • possibility to process unperforated and pre-perforated rubber plates
  • automatically orientated pin feeding
  • suitable for one and two-sided compressed heads (ball-tipped)

Flexible and compact

The machine covers a broad product range, with tips that are compressed on one-side, both sides, or not at all, combined with the use of pre-perforated or unperforated rubber plates. The rapid changeovers allow for flexible capacity planning. Compact machines that take up little space.


The V5KE offers high performance and availability at an attractive price. It is energy efficient and takes up little space. This makes the V5KE a cost-attractive production machine that is sure to return its investment quickly.


  • rubber hair brushes

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