A fresh wind blows through all-in-one production, with one central module


Assembly. No worries. No stress. No headaches.

Z.MISTRAL is a flexible, modular assembly cell that can process and assemble a broad range of components.


The Z-factor(y): From pure component manufacturing to all-in-one production

The Z.MISTRAL shows its true strengths when combined with other ZAHORANSKY machines, components, and tools. Injection-molded plastic parts, compact brushes, or isolated bulk material are processed centrally and under one roof with the use of one control concept, for further processing, assembly, joining, or transporting.

Benefits of the Z.MISTRAL

  • the use of standard ZAHORANSKY components
  • overarching, uniform ZAHORANSKY controlling system
  • standardized pitch
  • uniform ZAHORANSKY design

Inline instead of offline

Elements that are usually processed in several separate machines and installations can now be handled by one, integrated ZAHORANSKY assembly cell. Connected directly to the injection molding, packaging, or brush production machine.

Electric toothbrushes – all-in-one production

Today, electric toothbrushes are produced completely within one unit, thanks to Z.MISTRAL. Every work step is performed inline and directly connected to the others: From feeding-in the plastic heads from the ZAHORANSKY injection molds to brush-insertion in Z.AERO modules, the assembly of additional mechanical components, protective cap assembly, tray stacking, and final packaging into display packs. Z.MISTRAL is the module at the center of this process.

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