ExORBITant: operation on the closed mold


Explore new dimensions in high-performance injection of hybrid components

Are you looking to economically injection-mold hybrid components with limited space and great precision – and at breakneck speeds? With the integrated automation controls of the Z.ORBIT, parts can be turned, removed, or exchanged, and further components inserted, all within the closed machine. Z.ORBIT is a master space-saver that also boasts precision, speed, and economical production – simply exORBITant!


Time is money

The Z.ORBIT will be a hit with your company. It keeps ploughing away while others are on a break. Your benefit: no more time lost inserting and removing. Z.ORBIT inserts and removes while work is still ongoing on the mold.

Benefits of the Z.ORBIT

  • Extremely short mold open times
  • Very compact
  • Cycle-time neutral removal or insertion of components possible
  • Up to four injection molding stations
  • Can be operated using a standard injection molding machine
  • Parts are removed from the closed mold
  • Cycle-time neutral assembly process possible

Continuous circulation operation

The Z.ORBIT position injection-molding tool by ZAHORANSKY allows for high-performance injection molding with short cycle times, taking up only a minimum of space. The innovative Servo Cavity Positioning technology makes use of the well-known principle of the paternoster – continuously moving parts in circulation operation – in the injection-molding tool. This rolling transport system can be used to turn injection-molded parts within the mold or to remove or exchange parts from the closed mold, as well as to add further components.

Very short cycle-times, while taking up a minimum of space

The paternoster lift makes it possible to quickly jump between floors without long waits. Our Z.ORBIT position works much in the same way, with quick flipping and turning. And that saves cycle time.

Assembling inside the mold, without losing any time

Finished metal, plastic, or electrical components can be fed in and processed in a cycle-neutral manner. Processes that normally take place outside of the mold and cost a lot of time are simply moved inside the mold – without losing any valuable time.


  • Z.ORBIT turn: production of hybrid components with rotary table solutions
  • Z.ORBIT position: production of hybrid components with Servo Cavity Positioning technology
  • Z.ORBIT plus Z.SIROC: loading, removing, injection molding in the open mold – controlled centrally. The perfect symbiosis of mold engineering and automation.


  • Pre-filled staked needle syringes
  • Luer-adapters with cannulas injection-molded in
  • Skin-prick aids
  • Electrical components

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