The beauty queen for tufting face and nail brushes


The secret behind eternal beauty

Face brushes are growing increasingly popular. They are used for hair removal, massage, and deep-pore cleaning, promising its users eternal soft and smooth skin. They are available as hand brushes or electric power brushes. And this is where the Z.PELICAN flies in.



They should be softer than silk. Face brushes. Ultra-soft face brushes require filaments with diameters of only 0.064 mm. And then, they need to be produced on a machine that can handle these filament sizes. Well, the Z.PELICAN can.

Benefits of the Z.PELICAN

  • extremely fast, at 850 tufts/min.
  • can process ultra-soft 2.5 mm filament
  • complete freedom in hole geometry design
  • also suitable for one or both-sided nail brushes

Non-stop nail brushes

The Z.PELICAN offers non-stop double-sided tufting of nailbrushes with filaments on both sides, without downtime. With the integrated trimming machine, the brushes are ready for sale immediately and without any further production step.

Capable of anything

Whether nail brushes, one or both-sided, face brushes with fine filaments of up to 3 colors, or mass-produced hairdresser brushes (multiple cassettes). The Z.PELICAN is the all-rounder for cosmetic brushes.

Other models

The Z.PELICAN for nail brushes offers the direct cutting to size of filaments with its integrated trimming machine.


Nail brushes with wooden or plastic handle, which are populated with natural or plastic filaments. Face brushes with manual or electric drive. Special applications such as hairdresser brushes are also part of the product range.

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