We master the standard


Get the perfect 1C product – with a bang

Manufacture 1C plastic parts quickly, economically, and with great precision – go supersonic with quality components.

Fly towards success at mach Z

Manufacturing one-component molds is one thing. Getting beyond the cheap and average is another.
 We prefer relying on the ZAHORANSKY plus: extreme precision + short cycle times + clean parting lines + form stability + long mold life + materials savings + corrosion resistance + low maintenance + 100% availability = ZAHORANSKY Black Forest quality.

Benefits of the Z.SONIC

  • Service life of 20 years or more
  • 30% shorter cycle times
  • 30% greater output
  • Maintenance cycles of just 1 year
  • 100% availability
  • Corrosion resistance


Enter the world of ZAHORANSKY injection molding tools. At Mach speeds!
 Standard. Simple. Sound.


Drop counters do the trick – Z.SONIC side-gate

Time is money – this also applies when manufacturing dosing systems such as plastic droppers and pipette tips that are used ever more frequently in medical, pharmaceutical, and lab applications as well as cosmetics. Our side-gate solutions improve your output by up to 30%.


  • Z.SONIC – one-component standard injection molding tool
  • Z.SONIC side-gate – special injection molding tool for dosing systems and pipette tips


  • Beauty & Health Care
  • Medical Technology
  • Industrial Applications
  • Consumer Goods

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