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900 employees, one promise

We give our all to deliver to you

We are as diverse as our target groups. More than one hundred years ago, we revolutionized German brush production; today, we are a globally active technology company with a broad focus, offering the perfect solution for all your demands.

New collaboration

ZAHORANSKY and KOCH Pac-Systeme establish cooperation

Effective immediately, ZAHORANSKY and KOCH have agreed to work closely together in the blister packaging sector, in terms of both technology and sales. This new cooperation focuses on providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly packaging solutions in the personal care sector...

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Black Forest

At home in the world, rooted in the Black Forest

The Black Forest is renowned across the globe for the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, the Bollenhut, traditional clothing such as dirndls, cuckoo clocks… and of course for the pioneers in brush production. Americans, Swiss, Brits, Chinese, Indians, Arabs – they might all love its green pines, delightful mountain panoramas, and lush-green meadows. But, above all, they love the German engineering artists at ZAHORANSKY. That’s why people from all corners of the globe meet in the Black Forest, a veritable Mecca for innovative solutions in mold construction, automation, medical technology, and the international brush sector.

Black Forest Quality

Guaranteed quality, 4,000 successful companies around the world

More than 100 years ago, Black Forest-based ZAHORANSKY developed the first brush, drill, and tuft machine – and brought forth a new era in brush production. From these beginnings developed an internationally active full-range supplier in machine construction, injection molding, and automation technology. A lot has changed since then, but our pledge to always deliver quality remains. We are driven by much more than just solid German Engineering and concentrated innovative force. We are passionate and strive for perfection in developing solutions to meet the most discerning demands, with heart, soul, and perseverance. Our solutions do exactly what we promise.

Our pleasure, Zaho

The film

We created our company film – “Our pleasure, Zaho” – to offer you a vivid representation of our modern company, which revolutionized German brush production over a century ago. Our employees are crucial to our success, which is why we place them front and center in our film. They are people who implement our customers' projects with creative input that extends far beyond the brush industry alone.

360 degree tour

ZAHORANSKY not only offers 360° service, but also 360° tours. Go on safari and discover our locations in Logroño and Freiburg.

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We are #TheZahos

Customer and business partner interaction at eye level

We know that we are not perfect. But we are “PERFECTLY DIFFERENT”. This is why we invest in human relationships that reach beyond only assisting our customers and business partners. We involve rather than care for, we strive for happiness rather than satisfaction.

Hitesh Ahire ZAHORANSKY India
Fuminori Asada & Eri Adachi ZAHORANSKY Japan

Steve Bellocchio ZAHORANSKY USA

Renan Trevisan ZAHORANSKY do Brazil
Ulrich Zahoransky Managing Director
Mehmet Ermis Product Manager Brush Machines
The Zahos Best of

Hitesh Ahire

Part of the large Zaho family

My favorite machine, to be very honest, is the Z.ORCA 113i. The machine has been breaking the barriers and kicking the competition out of the market now!

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Fuminori Asada & Eri Adachi

Part of the large Zaho family

I could actually be an interdental brush myself, with my “pocket size”!

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Steve Bellocchio

Part of the large Zaho family

Well, if I were a brush, I guess I would be a horse brush!

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Renan Trevisan

Part of the large Zaho family

We are not only selling machines, we are selling values!

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Ulrich Zahoransky

Part of the large Zaho family

I am very proud of ZAHORANSKY's venerable 115-year history. I am the third generation at the helm of this company, and there's no reason to assume that it will end here.

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Mehmet Ermis

Part of the large Zaho family

It's actually very clear. I am the tiger. The Z.TIGER. I was Project Head there, and I am a tiger because there's nothing I can't do :-)

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The Zahos

Part of the large Zaho family

Of course, we also made a little “BEST OF”. You can have a look at the best bits from the interview videos here.

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What our customers say about us

We are very satisfied by the Z.PACK packaging machine, it`s the big star at every factory tour with customers.

Manuel Pujades – Head of R&D MEDICAL DEVICES, S.L. in Spain

I am not only impressed by the state-of-the-art machine technology of ZAHORANSKY, but also by their eagerness to help and very personal contact with the people behind them.

Karl Schwarz RUSI Cosmetics

We have never experienced such perfect (machine)delivery before. There were not even enough (machine) errors to fill our trainings with.

K & K, South Korea

They are remarkably efficient, which allows us to beat all our production prognoses with a margin. The quality after commissioning is impressive. The machine does not require maintenance and manages uninterrupted production; that is, unless we shut it down ourselves.

Vinvent Palathinkal Bangalore Brushware, India

We want to consolidate our market position. For this, it is vital that we manage to deliver to our customers quickly and at short notice. ZAHORANSKY helps us achieve this.

Idris & Ilyas Yelmen Yelmen, Turkey

With great collaboration as partners we manage to optimize our bottom line, benefiting from an efficient solution that allows us to package our products in a reliable, appealing, and hygienic way.

Wolfgang Schellenberger Schellenberger, Germany

We also use machines of other manufacturers, but the ZAHORANSKY machine is our Mercedes.

Johannes Gehri Maier Haushaltspflege, Germany

The ZAHORANSKY trainings for our technical staff give us the immediate benefit of increased daily efficiency. Now, we can intervene more rapidly: errors are resolved faster and, above all, more sustainably. Even more important for the seamless execution of our daily activities is the possibility to prevent errors from occurring in the first place through precautionary measures.

Sabbatino Rossano TRISA, Switzerland

ZAHORANSKY has done more than just deliver a machine. ZAHORANSKY has an exceptionally competent team of employees, who – unlike those of other companies – are so flexible, they really fulfill the needs and expectations of their customers. I wish to particularly emphasize that ZAHORANSKY designed the entire production concept for us after we decided to place our order. This was of special importance to us, as we wanted to ensure an efficient manufacturing process.

Shaily, India

The ZAHORANSKY machines perform reliably and securely during long runs. ZAHORANSKY machines are configured for great dependability.

Sadayoshi Fujishige LION, Japan

Of course, ZAHORANSKY’S great reputation with other market participants helped inform our decision for them. In the end, we managed to judge, based on our own practical experiences with the machine, that this reputation is more than well deserved. This also applies to the precision, efficiency, and machine availability. We implement our key objective through new technology: producing more high-quality brushes in a shorter period with lower initial investments.

Hernan Rodriguez Marin Santa Lucia, Colombia

ZAHORANSKY is a strategically important partner for the further technological development of our company.

Flavio Maculan Maculan, Argentina

We are very satisfied with the installation and we managed to produce the first toothbrushes immediately after commissioning. Amazingly, it was ready for operation after only two weeks. This proved to us once again that this is a very professional company with great technological know-how.

Steve Hendricks Team Technologies, US

Therefore, we believe that the best solution to achieve all these goals is the acquisition of new ZAHORANSKY machines that meet our needs and expectations for this new phase of development. That’s why we have just purchased 4 tufting machines for oral care and household production.

Elzo Duda CONDOR, Brazil

When we at Ebnat call, the ZAHO service guys already know it’s quite serious. They are always sure to invest great effort in finding a suitable solution or dispatch a service technician promptly. The guys know what they’re doing and we’re very satisfied.

Thomas Stolz EBNAT, Switzerland

Numbers, data, facts

Who are the Zahos?

Founded 1902 in Todtnau
Branches 8 in 7 countries
Zahos are active in 4 specialist areas
Over 700 employees
Satisfied 70 interns
Zahos are active in 7 industrial sectors
Over 4000 customers around the world
Innovative 700 registered patents
Impressive 10 % training rate

Generation Z

Traineeship at ZAHORANSKY

Our company builds on the skills of its employees. This is why our founder Anton Zahoransky already focused on educating young employees. We developed this tradition further, actively investing in our employees of tomorrow, today. With first-class traineeships for various jobs and dual-degree programs. In the end, there’s a great chance that they can start their professional career at ZAHORANSKY as well. Many of our former trainees return to us as master mechanics or engineers after finishing their traineeship. Personal care – with great freedom to unfold own initiative and creativity.

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Help shape the future of brush technology

The brush industry is in a state of upheaval. Our globalized world is getting smaller every day. Technological innovation cycles are getting shorter. This is changing the industry at breakneck pace. ZAHORANSKY is changing as well; with the products and services we offer and in the way we work: lifelong learning has become a key component. One thing, however, has not changed with the times: our passion for sophisticated technology and perfection. If you are looking for a job that allows you to change something, join ZAHORANSKY and help us shape the future of state-of-the-art machine and installation construction.

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Our products

Trends come and go. Our products stay.


The all-rounder in toothbrush manufacturing. Quick product changes thanks to the 1-2-3 quick-changeover of modular mold inserts for toothbrush handle and head. And all this with up to 6 components. Fully automatic with tool-internal handling unit including gripper system. Speeds up product changeovers and reduces tool costs by around 50%.


Modular, integrated, flexible. Modular extension unit as an automated take-out solution for further processing directly on the injection molding machine, for integrated assembly and inspection processes, as well as the integration into complex handling and logistics processes.



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