Bachelor of Engineering (DHBW)

Field: Mechanical Engineering

Requirement: Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) or similar
Duration: 3 years, with blocks that alternate between ZAHORANSKY AG / DHBW
Co-op university: Baden-Württemberg, Lörrach
Education location: Todtnau
Activity areas:construction, development, sales
Further education:various Master's programs


Depending on their professions specialization, Mechanical Engineers focus on quality assurance tasks, inspection tasks, calculations, construction, and production; for leading positions in production, assembly and maintenance, technical sales, application consulting, customer care, or the management of industrial companies. Employment in office spaces (e.g., engineering offices), workshops and production halls (coordination and monitoring of work and production processes), or testing laboratories and rigs (performing experiments on materials).

Education subject matter:

  • mathematics, engineering physics, engineering thermodynamics
  • engineering mathematics, theory of design, production technology, electrical engineering, fluid mechanics
  • material science, business administration, technical English, material strength, control and feedback technology, vibration technology, project management, staff management, quality assurance
  • constructing and developing machines and units and performing calculations
  • technical drawing using a 3D CAD system
  • trade basics: drilling, cutting threads, turning, trimming
  • performing experiments and realizing projects
  • order processing

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