Taking on new standards with maximum output in the production of technical brushes


Fully automatic 3-station 5-axis carousel

With its integrated trimming unit, you can produce your desired brush profiles directly after the tufting process and do not need an additional trimming machine, saving you an enormous amount of space and time. The best choice when it comes to the automated high-end production of technical brushes via a reliable process. 

The machine can be configured for roller brushes or disc brushes depending on the customer’s requirements. 

Innovative machine design for an optimum overview and operability. 


Z.SCORP – the reliable production system for disc and roller brush production

Would you like to manufacture disc or roller brushes in one singular, fully-automatic process? Then our Z.SCORP is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Depending on your requirements, the machine can either be operated manually or configured with an automatic feeding system. 

Advantages of the Z.SCORP

  • Up to 30% higher output compared to conventional brush production thanks to full automation
  • Ergonomic operating concept with a superlative level of accessibility and the highest safety standards
  • Consistent high quality through an automated manufacturing process – operator errors and quality fluctuations are a thing of the past 
  • Feed handling is adjustable and features no additional model parts for up to 30% faster model switching 

High degree of design freedom for a wide variety of brush profiles

Brush profile can be adapted at the push of a button in less than a minute using simple and freely programmable trimming contours. While doing so, it is also possible to visualize the brush in the control system during the programming phase. 

Easy and quick loading of existing models and brush designs 

Easy operation and perfect overview

  • Compact and sophisticated machine design including LED strip with traffic light feature for better visualization of current operating status 
  • The latest ZMI 4.0 machine control system with a clear user interface and perfectly precise control of mechanical components 

Additional models

  • Z.SCORP: 3 clamping stations | 1 drilling unit | 1 tufting tool | 1 trimming unit | 5-axis variant | semi-automated production 
  • Z.SCORP MT: 3 clamping stations | 1 drilling unit | 1 tufting tool | 1 trimming unit | 5-axis variant | fully-automated production
  • Depending on the brush model, one can process unfolded filament lengths of up to 260 mm or 320 mm


Suitable for the production of technical brushes such as: Roller brushes and disc brushes 

  • The processing of wood and plastic bodies 
  • Filament types: Plastic filament | wire filament | natural fibers and natural hair can be processed 

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