Workhorse instead of horsing around

You will fit right into our pack

Everything employees dream of. Working in locations where others enjoy their holidays, and a pack of fantastic employees to beat. ZAHORANSKY is a family-run business, and we embody these values instead of showing them off. For us, work (or “creation”, as we like to say) means friendly interaction, great freedom to make your own decisions and design your own work schedule, assuming responsibility, nice colleagues, treating each other fairly and with respect, making quick decisions, top working conditions, and the opportunity to develop yourself. And yes, also stress, but the fun and passionate kind.

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We are growing and expanding, in Germany and across the globe. Qualified and motivated employees are crucial in this process. Become part of the ZAHORANSKY team in a tech company that truly embodies the values and stability of a family-run company.

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Generation Z

What our trainees say about us

Inspiring from day one

Alfred Boch

Everything is still exciting

Benedikt Asal Industrial Mechanic

ZAHORANSKY offers me great perspectives

David Phillipp Industrial Mechanic

One of the advantages of working for a globally active company, is the opportunity to work abroad in future

Evi Wassmer Industrial Management Assistant

The combination between technology and interaction with people is exactly what I am looking for

Fabio Röder Mechatronics Fitter

This employer provides the best perspectives to be hired later

Jasmina Bianchi Industrial Management Assistant

We do not build and distribute off-the-rack machines. This makes my daily activities diverse, and never boring

Lukas Lais Industrial Mechanic

The entire company has a great working climate, which is also very inclusive towards us youngsters

Lukas Schwörer Mechatronics Fitter

We have customers from all over the world. This allows me to work on my foreign language skills and use them as well

Marius Müller Electronic Technician

Here, I do more than just connect small parts; I help create high-tech machines

Sofiane Knobel Mechatronics Fitter

Part of the large Zaho family

Who are the Zahos?

The tasks of the Zahos are as diverse as our employees themselves. Here, you can discover what's important to them in their daily ZAHORANSKY activities.

Christian Kiefer

Automation Technician

Allow me to compare my job to soccer. I am a technician who plays in the Champions League of complex brush units. This is what sets us apart when finding the perfect solution for every customer demand.

Laura Sprich

In training to become an Electronic Technician

ZAHORANSKY is known throughout the region for the first-class education of its employees. As I am currently in training to become an Electronic Technician, I feel truly blessed to be here. At Zaho, I have the opportunity to help construct machines that are used all over the world.

Ramona Abbate

Office Management Clerk

I love dealing with customers and colleagues when processing offers and orders. Moreover, my daily activities allow me to get acquainted with cultures and people from other countries, which is another great benefit.

Adolf Kummerer


We are the global market leaders. I am proud that the machine bases I welded for our first-class brush machines are used all over the world.

David Kamp

In training to become Industrial Mechanic

We are all Zaho, whether management or trainee. As a mechanic-in-training, I am particularly proud to see a machine I helped construct in operation.

Laura Guillerna

Technical Documentation

I go to great (S)pains for my activities at ZAHORANSKY. I draft the documentation for our customers and translate documents and warning signs into Spanish.

Bernhard Steinebrunner

Safety Engineer

At the global leader, safety does not know any borders – in every sense of the word. As a Safety Engineer, I am proud of knowing that all my colleagues recognize my ID abbreviation “BST” as a sign of optimal safety.

Heike Fink

Lean Administratorin

I am a woman who just loves exciting technology. That is why I am happy to work for the industry leader in brush technology. Additionally, our globally active company is open to change and upper management really has a vision.

The Zahos. Well-educated beasts

Our company builds on passionate employees

That is why we invest in the education of our future employees. With first-class training for various occupations as well as co-op study programs. Moreover, we offer our trainees great chances of being hired in future. Many of our former trainees return to us after their education – as Master Mechanics, Technicians, Engineers, or Business Administration Graduates.

Why? Because we are always willing to listen, offer our employees personal care, stimulate personal initiative and creativity, and are equally welcoming to all! Because we are passionate and strive for perfection. And of course, we expect the same passion and perfection from our future employees.



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