Orientated blister output

Touching: no-human-touch integration into fully automatic packaging lines

Orientated blister output

Never lose your orientation again

ZAHORANSKY thinks one step ahead: after the Z.PACK packaging process is finished, blisters are often additionally fitted with design features on the front such as labels or prints. That’s why ZAHORANSKY offers efficient handling for further processing. Thanks to the oriented blister output, the finished blisters are always positioned exactly right for the further packaging process – without the need of additional inspection by the operator. And the Z.PACK can be integrated effortlessly into fully-automated packaging lines in the “end-of-line” area.


Limitless blister design diversity

Design freedom that packs a punch without compromising. Whether frontside labeling or prints on the front of the blisters – our solutions in further processing do away with any and all restrictions. This sets your packaging apart at the point-of-sale for better sales results in the shopping aisles.

Benefits at a glance

  • The Z.PACK can be integrated into fully-automated packaging lines for maximum efficiency and the greatest-possible output
  • With the orientated blister output for secondary packaging processes, the Z.PACK can be integrated “end-of-line” into fully-automated packaging lines → no-human-touch

Touches the soul, not the hand

The no-human-touch blister output solution significantly reduces expenditure and dependence on machine operators. What’s more, it offers a good/bad sorting of the finished blister packagings. Only faultless packagings are processed further after being put out by the Z.PACK, which cuts costs and saves packaging material.

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