HG | Hank Grinder

Optimal autonomy (4–6 hrs.) through grinding directly on the hank

HG | Hank Grinder

3D-TUFTING technology for perfectly rounded filaments

High-premium toothbrushes require perfectly rounded filaments. And the Hank Grinder units were developed with exactly this in mind. They grind, polish, and clean the filaments, as well as cut them to length. The real highlight? The filaments are rounded directly on the hank. To do so, the filaments are made available above the grinding discs and tranported to the various processing stations one after the other.


We've reached peak rounding quality

Rounding-off filaments directly on the hank allows for setting parameters that are adjusted optimally to the filament type. This ensures the highest-possible rounding quality. Setting the filament lengths individually guarantees optimal use of the hank length, which saves material.

Benefits of the HG

  • long, 4–6-hour autonomy time. The Hank Grinder reduces the need for operating staff to a minimum
  • multiple 3D-tufting units can be supplied with end-rounded filaments thanks to its impressive performance specifications
  • the toothbrush production process takes place in a unit that is isolated from the filament grinding, which rules out the possibility that dust particles from the grinding process find their way into the production process
  • highest end-rounding quality by adjusting process parameters to the various filament types and colors

The multi-tasker

Our Hank Grinder is a really talented multi-tasker. It can round off 12 different filament types by default, and the process parameters for the different filament types are stored in the control system. Changes between the different filament types are recipe-based, without the need for assembly. The end output is correctly sorted. That’s a pleasant daily grind, at 95% rounding quality.

The multi-talented individualist

Whether foil or paper wrapping – the Hank Grinder processes everything. Of course, also cleaning the filaments after rounding to remove the grinding particles. The Hank Grinder does not need an operator to order him around either – it offers 4–6 hours of fully autonomous operation.

Modell HG2

  • Carousel with 8 grinding and polishing stations
  • 12 ejection chutes for color sorting
  • Individual endrounding parameters for each filament type
  • Up to 6-8 pucks/min


  • processing hanks with foil and paper coating
  • co-extruding filaments
  • filaments with different diameters and cross-sections (molding)

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