Beef up your new Z.LION

Beef up your new Z.LION

Buy 4 axis and add a 5th at a later time.

Brush making made simple and smart.

Take a forward looking approach and do not miss future demands and opportunities. Invest only in current needs. Add additional performance if and when needs change. Purchase the new Z.LION with 4 axis and upgrade to a 5th later on - fast and easy with only a software revision. This is business smart flexibility, hassle-free, safe and just in time investment.

ZAHORANSKY “BOOZT axis” upgrade
- Buy the 4 axis Z.LION version today – upgrade to 5 axis when you need it
- Speedy, easy, economical; e-enabled “BOOZT axis” upgrade with only a software revision.
- Pay only when and for what you need
- Get flexibility and be prepared for future opportunities

Did we make you chomp at the bit? Get the “BOOZT” and contact us…

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