Product Feeding

In and out: maximum output thanks to the optimized input during the insertion process


Makes short work of inserting

Performance and efficiency are often limited by a lack of optimization in the insertion process. ZAHORANSKY thinks outside of the blister box and looks at the packaging machine as well as all surrounding processes. Our feeding systems greatly improve the efficiency of your packaging machine with a partially- or fully-automated insertion process. That’s what ZAHO always brings to the table.


Well-stocked. Always

Virtually interruption-free while saving material: the innovative ZAHORANSKY technology makes your insertion processes more efficient than ever before.

Benefits at a glance

  • optimized packaging speed
  • greater packaging capacity without taking up more space
  • cuts costs and saves resources by lowering operating personnel demand
  • lower dependence on machine operators
  • reduces the frequency of errors, lower rejection rate, shorter downtime

H105 – semi-automatic insertion handling

With the H105, the operator places the products on trays. The instertion handling is separated from the machine cycle, which results in a continuous, jerk-free operation for ergonomic and efficient inserting. The products are subsequently transferred and inserted into the blisters with the automatic insertion handling.

Introductory video H105

Finding a simple solution for complex problems – that’s what ZAHORANSKY stands for. In this video, we present the benefits of semi-automated product feeding with the H105 in a clear way.

Benefits of the H105

  • ZAHORANSKY is a trailblazer in innovation and the only supplier of this solution
  • few sample parts needed, toolless changeovers
  • up to 50% more insertion time for the operator thanks to the continuous operation flow
  • more space for additional operating personnel
  • even greater packaging capacity, especially with small products or multiple products in one packaging

H106 – fully-automatic insertion handling

With the H106, products are fully automatically centered and moved into the final orientation. They are subsequently inserted into the blister using 3-axis portal handling systems or 6-axis robots.

Benefits of the H106

  • state-of-the-art technology: toolless changeovers, few sample parts
  • rapid changeovers to reduce machine standstill to a minimum
  • cuts costs thanks to the no-human-touch packaging processes
  • hygienic packaging process → minimizes contamination within the packaging

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