Innovation as a basis for success

Materials expertise, a wealth of ideas, a constant focus on products and customers, as well as passionate quality awareness. These are the key elements that helped make ZAHORANSKY one of the global leaders in injection molding technology. With longstanding experience, ZAHORANSKY is the competent partner for new product ideas and production methods.

Medical technology

Vaccine container | Applicators | Cartridges

32-cavity injection mold

  • 1C tube

1-cavity injection mold cartridges

1C applicator

  • with insert part


Caps & Closures

8-cavity injection mold

  • with 120° rotary motion
  • to produce 3C closures

24-cavity injection mold

  • to manufacture flip cap closures
  • with in-mold lid closing
  • with full hot runner system valve gate
  • and core-back technology

Stainless Steel, 32-cavity up to 128-cavity injection mold

  • to manufacture 1C laminate tube shoulders
  • with full hot runner
  • with open nozzles

8-cavity index plate injection mold

  • to manufacture 2C actuaries
  • no oil in the mechanical sliders

32+32 injection mold

  • for 1C screw tufts

16-cavity double index plate

  • for 2C dental floss boxes

16-cavity injection mold

  • Stacking turning plate

16-cavity injection mold

  • 2C sealing for roll-on deodorant

16-cavity injection mold

  • for 1C screw caps

Personal care

Tooth brushes | Razors | Interdental brushes

16-cavity injection mold Platform line

  • 2C toothbrushes
  • with full hot runner
  • and valve gating shut-off

32-cavity injection mold

  • with 180° index plate
  • 2C razor handle
  • with quick-exchange system for logo inserts

12-cavity SCPS injection mold

  • with 6 servo axes in the injection mold
  • in full hot runner edition
  • smallest-possible construction size

4-cavity injection mold

  • 2C razor hold

8-cavity 120° index plate injection mold

  • 3C toothbrush

12-cavity, 3-station injection mold

  • for 2C tootbrushes

16-cavity, 3-station injection mold

  • for 3C toothbrushes

32-cavity injection mold

  • 1C razor handles

32-cavity injection mold

  • with three stations
  • for interdental brushes

180° index plate injection mold

  • 2C toothbrushes


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