Technical product designer

Field: Machine and system construction

Requirements: Secondary school leaving certificate, Higher education entrance certificate (technical secondary school diploma) or secondary school diploma
Education duration: 3.5 years
Education location: Todtnau / Freiburg
Activity areas: Technical office, PC Workstation, Involvement in the construction department
Further education: Draftsman; Technician (field of machine technology); Bachelor’s/master’s degree in mechanical engineering (university entrance certificate required); Technical management expert; Business economist; Higher education programs (university entrance certificate required)

Education subject matter

Creation of technical drawings, documents and parts lists using the latest 3D CAD programs for the manufacturing of machine components, assemblies and complete machines or systems

Creation of technical illustrations for diagrams and machine documentation

Creation of accompanying function and machine documents

Creation of freehand drawings

Tasks and activities

As part of the draftsmen staff, technical product designers work with computer CAD systems to create drawings and associated documents for production, for example parts lists.

  • Design and detailed planning of a brushing machine, for example
  • Creation of three-dimensional data models of construction and assembly drawings for a system Such drawings can be very complex and require expert knowledge. Often, all the necessary dimensions must be featured from different perspectives for the creation of individual components, an assembly or a complete machine.
  • Compliance with technical standards
  • Dimensioning for production and assembly
  • Calculation of dimensions and parameters
  • Management of development versions for a project and backup of the corresponding data


  • Diligent and accurate (e.g. when creating precise drawings that conform to standards)
  • Team player (cooperation with draftsmen, engineers and clients)
  • Good spatial imagination (planning a product)
  • Technical understanding (e.g. of the basic functions of machine and system components)
  • Enjoy working with PC programs

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