A world of opportunities thanks to 3D-TUFTING with the Z.AERO method


Breathing new flexibility and design freedom into toothbrushes

The tried-and-tested Z.AERO 3D-TUFTING technology allows for complete design freedom when producing toothbrushes, while meeting the most discerning quality standards and offering top performance. The filaments are rounded perfectly in advance, and – using a suction process – filled into a small plate in freely configurable tuft sizes, after which they are sealed at the backside. The filaments are filled into a mold bar and processed into a head plate with filaments using a patented ZAHORANSKY injection molding process. The head plate is subsequently joined together with a toothbrush handle.


3D-tufting technology at its best

Premium toothbrushes come with extreme design and functionality demands, and as such require first-class production technology. Only Z.AERO technology can live up to these demands in full. Z.AERO offers efficiency, flexibility, and security through extremely high outputs with excellently finished rounding and complete design freedom

Benefits of the Z.AERO

  • perfectly straight tufts with extremely high density through multiple compression steps
  • up to 10 different filament types per brush
  • up to 40 brushes/min.
  • availability of 90%
  • at least 95% rounding finishing quality & at least 25 N tuft retention
  • integrated quality assurance (camera, sensors, injection pressure monitoring)
  • 1 operator

Perfect hygiene

On top of the “no-human-touch” production of the Z.AERO, the brush heads are fused contact-free, and completely sealed via an in-mold injection molding process. This makes it impossible for bacteria to nestle behind or between the individual tufts. And this is how we make a further contribution to oral hygiene.

Toolless model changes

Downtime costs money. This is why we guarantee very high technical availability through virtually malfunction-free operation. But that's not enough. Switching between toothbrush models should be fast. This is why we have systems that allow for the toolless changing of sample parts. Because in the end, time is money.

Other models

  • Z.AERO, manually operated with isolated production units
  • Z.AERO, fully automated – from the connected hank grinder to packaging
  • hank grinder (HG2/HG3) to round filaments perfectly


  • premium manual toothbrushes with free head and handle design
  • premium children’s toothbrushes with free head and handle design
  • electric toothbrushes (sonic or mechanic drive)
  • freedom in tuft geometry and topography design (free filament variation in one brush)

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