007 – licence to print money. 0 operators, 0 moments of human touch, 7 integrated processes


From granulate to packaged, ready-for-sale interdental brushes

Oral hygiene equals medical prophylaxis. And hygiene already starts at the production process. We follow our “no human touch” principle. From the plastic granulate to brush production, cap assembly, and packaging in blister packs: The Z.IDP produces everything without contact. Not even the integrated quality inspection requires human touch. This guarantees perfect hygiene. Products that meet clinical standards, without any lingering odors or flavors. A clean deal.


That's too good to be true. Right?

It just seems impossible. The Z.IDP. Seven connected process steps in one line, allowing for an overall availability of 97% acceptable parts. Guaranteed to package up to 65 brushes per minute. With 2C handle, date code, and assembled cap. And including quality control, without an operator. It is just that good.

Benefits of the Z.IDP

  • 97% availability, 100% quality control with sensors and camera inspection = at least 97% acceptable parts
  • “no-human-touch” production from pellet to pallet, up to packaged brushes with protective cap
  • orientated product ejection for further processing
  • software-supported model change

100% quality control

We leave nothing to chance. The optimal quality of each brush is ensured by camera controls. Each process step is monitored by sensors or cameras, to already prevent potential reasons for malfunctions before they occur. We check if each brush has a cap and if the blister pack is as sealed-off as it should be.
In short: Quality is paramount to us. 100% quality control for 97% availability and acceptable parts.

000 - licence to print money

Zero operators, zero human touch, zero worries.
Up to 65 interdental brushes per minute at 90% availability and acceptable brushes; from the granulate to the blister pack. Ready-for-sale packaging with twisted interdental brushes, overmolded 2-component handle, date code, assembled protective cap in an attractive display packaging, clearly stacked in trays – and all this while meeting discerning hygiene standards thanks to the “no-human-touch” principle. And who operates all this? Nobody! Except for material filling, the Z.IDP operates like a lone wolf on a mission – a mission to earn your company money.

Other models

  • The Z.IDP stands for “no-human-touch” production. With the Z.IDP, ZAHORANSKY offers the unique chance to produce from pellet to pallet.
  • The Z.IDP can be linked up directly to the packaging installation Z.PACK or another palletizer.


The Z.IDP can produce interdental brushes with all handle shapes, while switching effortlessly between the different handle types. 2-component handles with soft TPE, which offers a particularly pleasant grip. The brushes can be fitted with a protective cap on request.

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