The logical choice: Specialist for internal logistics


In pole position: intelligent, modular, tireless

The Z.LODOS palletizing system is the specialist for position-orientated removal, transporting, and depositing. With extremely fast pallet (tray) filling and emptying times.


Position, position, position. Not only key in retail

But crucial in the handling of parts used during manufacturing processes as well. When orientation is key, never lose it. The Z.LODOS by ZAHORANSKY will help you on your way – as will the Z.SIROC if necessary. A strong team that puts you front and center.

Benefits of the Z.LODOS

  • can be configured as a trayloader and trayunloader
  • can be combined with other ZAHORANSKY units
  • fast tray-changeover speeds < 4 sec.
  • uses a minimum of space
  • ergonomic construction
  • flexible, for use with different tray sizes
  • long autonomy times with additional buffer module

The ideal solution for use near injection molding processes

If large quantities of plastic products are manufactured using an injection molding procedure with many cavities, these large quantities also need to be transported downstream. Here, it is very advantageous to keep the parts oriented for the next process. And that’s where the team of Z.LODOS and Z.SIROC comes in. The Z.SIROC removes the products directly from the mold and deposits them, position-orientated, into the trays. The Z.LODOS subsequently stacks the palettes at breakneck changeover speeds.


  • toothbrushes
  • interdental brushes
  • razors
  • assembly components
  • pharmaceutical products
  • medical technology products

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