Z.PACK 4 | 5

Don’t waste space. Just get it done! Great output, small footprint

Z.PACK 4 | 5


The Z.PACK 4 | 5 might be a lone wolf, but it still has a vast troupe of enthusiastic followers. Small wonder: this machine is fit for all standard full blisters and fitted with a wide assortment of additional features. Convinced clients confirm that this technology stands out from the pack when it comes to value for money. Thus it is also ideally suited for packaging hygiene and electrical articles as well as components from the automotive industry. And the Z.PACK 4 | 5 also works well in a team: its wide range of applications spans from use as a stand-alone machine to an integration into a fully-automated packaging line.


Take in some air, we're doing the packaging for you

Software-controlled monitoring of values during sample changeovers through toolless rapid changeover systems. This guarantees the possibility of repeat changeover settings (reproducibility) and prevents erroneous settings -> ERCO = Ergonomic Rapid Change Over.

Benefits at a glance

  • the modular machine concept of the Z.PACK 4 | 5 offers maximum flexibility for various extension levels: alternatively with pneumatic/servo-motor driven stations
  • clients confirm: unbeatable value for money
  • “I’ll get there a little early” – very short delivery times thanks to its standardized basic configuration

Compatible. Accurate. Fast

  • The format parts are compatible with all Z.PACK machines
  • Optimal positioning accuracy of the foil with a transport chain driven by servo motors
  • Short changeover times – the foil width is adjusted by the central spindle


  • Z.PACK 4: 4-meter chain
  • Z.PACK 5: 5-meter chain (more space to insert products, can carry one additional station)


  • Various full blisters (standard full blister, stand-up blister, dental blister)
  • Z.PACK packages: electrical goods, stationery goods, lighters, toothbrushes, dental floss, interdental brushes, cosmetic products, DIY articles, hygiene articles
  • Optional equipment modules: printing, perforating, embossing, labelling, mold-on technology by spraying plastic onto the blister, etc…
  • Form material: PVC, PET, or PLA foils
  • Covering material: cardboard, foil (Tyvek, aluminum, PET and PVC foil)

Function Z.PACK - Form | Fill | Seal-process

  • For medium-sized batches
  • Suitable for full blisters (cover foil or cover cards)
  • Easy adjustment of the foil width
  • Produces high and reproducible packaging quality

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