Z.PACK 6 | 8 | 11

Z.Packs a punch: optimal technical machine availability of up to 98 %

Z.PACK 6 | 8 | 11


The Z.PACK 6 | 8 | 11 has the appropriate blister packaging for almost every product. Always tailored to your needs. The possibilities in designing the blister packaging are virtually endless, as is the range of products you can package with it. If you value nearly limitless freedom of design and are still looking to produce in an economical way, the Z.PACK 6 | 8 | 11 by ZAHORANSKY will meet, and exceed, all your demands.


The machine with instinct

Operators of this machine harness real strength in the tips of their fingers. The continuous guidance system of its stations allows for effortless, highly precise, and toolless station changeovers. Even the heaviest stations, weighing over 500 kg, can be moved with the dainty movement of a pinkie. Optional station changeovers by servo motors are also available.

Benefits at a glance

  • servo-driven inspection system to monitor the cutting unit
  • servo-motor drive of all stations
  • Ergonomic Rapid Change Over (ERCO)
  • integrated quality control with sensors/cameras
  • can be integrated into automated packaging lines
  • highest positioning accuracy for first-class packaging, thanks to servo positioning

Changeovers with your little finger

Our rapid changeover systems are legendary. We struck again with the Z.PACK, which makes it possible to move the individual stations with no force at all – even your pinkie suffices.

Ergonomic. Reliable. Customized

  • the highest level of ergonomics in operation, effortless changing of sample parts with a tool trolley that can be docked from the side
  • optimal technical machine availability of up to 98%
  • can be tailored to meet all client demands, such as a freely selectable insertion area, the side of the machine operation unit, and the position of the HMI


The machines are named after their chain lengths:

  • Z.PACK 6: 6-meter chain
  • Z.PACK 8: 8-meter chain
  • Z.PACK 11: 11-meter chain

The longer the machine, the more stations and functions are includable.


  • all full blisters (standard full blister, double blister, clamshell blister, stand-up blister, tear-off blister, dental blister)
  • Z.PACK packages: electrical goods, stationery goods, lighters, toothbrushes, dental floss, interdental brushes, cosmetic products, DIY articles, hygiene articles
  • Optional equipment modules: printing, perforating, embossing, labelling, mold-on technology by spraying plastic onto the blister, etc…
  • Form material: PVC, PET, or PLA foils
  • Covering material: cardboard, foil (Tyvek, aluminum, PET and PVC foil)

Function Z.PACK - Form | Fill | Seal-process

  • For medium-sized batches
  • Suitable for full blisters (cover foil or cover cards)
  • Easy adjustment of the foil width
  • Produces high and reproducible packaging quality

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