The Z.TIGER with leopard skin


You'll surely fall in claw with the specialist for household and hygiene brushes

This is a well-bred machine with potent genes, as it is a direct descendant of the Z.TIGER. And this shows: reliable, precise, quiet – tiger qualities. We kept what we value – without driving up the price. Claw away!


An up-close look at the Z.PARD (from behind glass)

The highest level of security, “electronic production stop” in case of erroneous machine operation. Halts in a fraction of a second. ... just like an ABS system, which protects the machine operator at breakneck speed. Its first-class ergonomics are another great benefit, with excellent accessibility for maintenance and care activities thanks to the wide-opening protective doors.

Benefits of the Z.PARD

  • fitted with a rapid changeover system, the sample parts are compatible with the Z.LION
  • processing anchor wire for brush handles with thin walls
  • exchangeable rapid changeover system module
  • double clamping improves performance while alleviating stress on the operator
  • extremely quick emergency-stop system for maximum protection of operating personnel and machine
  • 3D BRUSH DESIGNER online/offline
  • 3-cavity filament box allows for 3 different filament types and lengths

Amazingly compact and easy to operate

During our latest makeover, we have made further optimizations to our established specialist in the production of household and hygiene brushes.

  • New LED strip with traffic light feature for better visualization of the current operating state
  • Components are compatible with other household machines, such as a tufting tool, rapid-changeover plates, and sample parts

A bargain

Z.TIGER quality at an unbeatable price. That’s it!

We know, we know. We're repeating ourselves

A Mercedes at a Fiat price, or a Fiat that meets Mercedes quality standards?
Sounds too good to be true? ZAHO doesn't think so!

Other models

  • Z.PARD 6225: 6 clamping stations | 2 drilling units | 2 tufting tools | 5-axes version | semi-automated production
  • available with 70/100 mm tool stroke, depending on brush model


  • suitable for the production of household products such as:
    → brooms, hand brushes, scrubbing brushes, dishwashing brushes, WC brushes, mops, bath brushes, wire brushes
  • processing of wooden and plastic handles
    → filament types: can process plastic filament | wire filament | natural fiber and natural hair

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