Innovative further development based on the Z.LION series with a new heart


The Z.PUMA series has been further developed on the basis of the proven Z.LION technology

The machine is available in two versions and can be supplied as a "single tufting machine" or "twin machine" depending on the required production quantity. It is universal and a very good choice for the production of all common household and hygiene brushes.



Z.PUMA - modular, flexible, simply unbeatable!

The Z.PUMA family convinces not only with an attractive design and perfect accessibility, but also with a new "heart". A tufting tool that can now process filaments with a length of up to 320mm unfolded at the highest speed.

Benefits of Z.PUMA

  • Quick change options - set up a new sample in < 1 minute per station
  • Cost savings and reduced inventory - through compatible sample parts to other machine types like Z.LION, Z.PARD
  • Latest ZMI 4.0 machine control - intuitive, simple and with customized start screen
  • Optional double clamping for brooms - to increase output by approx. 20%

Compact and ergonomic, paired with unlimited design freedom

With its very compact design and high flexibility, the Z.PUMA is the right choice for the production of a wide variety of household brush products.

The machine convinces not only with good operator ergonomics, but also with an attractive design including state-of-the-art visualization of the operating status via an LED bar with traffic light function.

Your wish? Z.PUMA delivers!

  • Whether brooms, toilet brushes, scrubbers or wire brushes. The Z.PUMA is an all-rounder!
  • Due to the modular design and various carriages, all standard products from household sector can be produced.
  • A machine with high production flexibility!

Other models

  • Z.PUMA 1: 3 clamping stations | 2 drilling units | 1 tufting tool | 5-axis variant | semi-automatic production
  • Z.PUMA 2: 6 clamping stations | 3 drilling units | 2 tufting tools | 5-axis variant | semi-automatic production
  • For the processing of unfolded filament lengths up to 320mm


  • Suitable for the production of household products such as: Brooms, hand brushes, scrubbers, dishwashing brushes, toilet brushes, scrubbing brushes, bath brushes, wire brushes and brushes with 180° bundle position.
  • Processing of wooden and plastic bodies
  • Filament types: plastic filament | natural fiber | natural hair | wire filament

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