Passes with flying colors: Up to 85 mascara or interdental brushes per minute


Z.SAILFIN to new lands in mascara, medical, and interdental-brush production

The specialist for small mascara and interdental brushes packs a great punch. The future-proof installation delivers exceptional production performances, while guaranteeing consistent great quality. The specialist for twisted-in miniature brushes has little features that make a big difference: Fully automated with integrated twist-in and trimming process, camera-controlled quality inspection, and extension options for contour cutting and handle assembly.


Turns, cuts, and trims with flying colors and 98% availability

Only the Z.SAILFIN flies this high: 85 brushes/min. at 98% availability with 100% acceptable parts. Plus, recipe-controlled retooling and setup through intuitive “WYSIWYG” software and 15 servo axes. And then there’s the real highlight: Only few retooling parts needed, saving valuable production costs and time. And all this on a footprint of only 4 sqm.

Benefits of the Z.SALFIN

  • compact, accessible design thanks to large flap and sliding doors
  • software-based, toolless setup and changeover
  • 100% inline quality control with cameras
  • extremely precise bending, twisting-in, and cutting to length at very small dimensions
  • flexible usage with spools or material box
  • operation without operator

Your benefits at a glance

  • all twisted-in brushes are rotation-centric as the brushes are twisted-in and trimmed during the same process
  • compliance with the EN ISO 16409 standard for the gentle cleaning of interdental spaces by maintaining very narrow bending radiuses
  • no unattractive feathering at the end of the brush through clean, concentric cutting to length
  • 100% quality; the cut, filament distribution, and twist count of each brush are inspected online by camera

“Fast retooling – with few retooling parts”

60% faster and 80% fewer wear parts by reducing the number of retooling elements to a minimum of product-specific parts. The Z.SAILFIN produces brushes in one single clamping.

Sails past the competition

  • after twisting-in by the Z.SAILFIN, mascara brushes can be processed lengthways on special contour cutting machines
  • assembly machines are available for interdental, medical, and mascara brushes that offer fully automatic assembly of the twisted-in brushes and provided handles
  • twisted-in brushes can be transported directly from the Z.SAILFIN onto a machine to overmold the wire (Z.IDP)
  • all installations used for further processing provide a remarkable degree of automation and can be linked up directly to the Z.SAILFIN, offering extremely high efficiency thanks to the Z.SAILFIN’s extraordinary brush quality


  • interdental brushes to clean the interdental spaces
  • mascara brushes to apply mascara to eyelashes
  • twisted-in brushes for medical uses
  • filaments: natural hair – plastic (nylon/polyester)

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