Our cutting-edge: The most successful tufting machine in the world


Our streamlined killer in high-performance tufting

The Z.SHARK has been the marked leader for decades, with nearly 100% efficiency. Small wonder that it is often copied around the world. Whether high production volume or great flexibility - the Z.SHARK is the cutting-edge in all areas. The most successful tufting machine in the world is well-suited for the production of toothbrushes of almost any design. As such, the Z.SHARK offers a family of first-class tufting machines that realizes consistent production quality in a remarkably cost-effective manner. And all this requires only little space.


The world's most successful tufting machine introduces itself

The Z.SHARK can tuft every hole field with mature and long-lasting tufting technologies - the units have a service life of up to 30 years. Your benefit: Almost complete freedom in toothbrush design. And this while offering unrivaled quality and nearly 100% efficiency. Thanks to its great degree of automation, one operator can operate up to four units at a time.

Benefits of the Z.SHARK

  • well-loved machine among operators thanks to extremely quiet operation, ergonomics, security, and reliability
  • compact machine with easy modification accessibility, thanks to ergonomically designed protective doors – manual conveyor belt can be docked during maintenance work
  • product-quality monitoring through safety sensor technology (filament, brush handle, and wire monitoring)

Your sparring partner in design

Our turret keeps on turning with exceptional and complex toothbrush hole field configurations, and at angles of 180°. The rotating turret can master all anchor positions with great precision, efficiency, and easy-to-understand technology. The tufts are adjusted optimally to the hole geometry in combination with the flexible tuft volume. Adventurous toothbrush designers are sure to find their ideal sparring partner in the Z.SHARK with rotating turret, as it allows for nearly complete freedom in toothbrush design.

Often copied, never equalled

The plug&play original. Exceptionally ergonomic with unrivaled maintenance accessibility. All this is rounded off by dockable components, clever sensor monitoring technology, software-supported reference and maintenance positions, as well as intuitive operation with ZAHORANSKY ZMI3+ touchscreen controls. Why opt for complicated, cheap solutions, if there is a simple and mature solution available as well?

The model with options

  • Z.SHARK is the powerful all-rounder that offers the best price-performance ratio in the standard configuration


  • toothbrushes with 1 to 4 plastic components and TPE elements in the head area (massage elements), short handles for sonic toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes (replacement heads), children's toothbrushes
  • toothbrushes with various filament types (nylon, tapered, PBT) and filament diameters
  • various hole field geometries (round, oval, square), various volumes (filling rate), and angled tuft positionings

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