Get a grip, with the automated gripper removal unit


Rips apart the competition

The Z.SIROC is a flexible, modular extension solution and mechanical interface that manages the discerning automation of sensitive components. It assumes automated removal, assembly, and feeding-in functions for injection molding and packaging machines, as well as automation lines. The device can be integrated seamlessly into ZAHORANSKY automation and packaging solutions.


Our plug & play control concept.

It is often assumed that robot programming is complicated, and only specialists can do it. However, we beg to differ, and this fear is a thing of the past thanks to our “plug & play” concept for the Z.SIROC. The 6-axis robot or linear handling included in the Z.SIROC is integrated completely into the ZAHORANSKY controls through complete preconfigured libraries.

Benefits of the Z.SIROC

  • modular extension solution
  • can be adjusted to various machines and production lines flexibly and in a mobile fashion
  • robots integrated into the ZAHORANSKY controls
  • including protective housing

Can be transported with a forklift

Removal devices are usually mounted permanently to machines or clamping plates. Our Z.SIROC follows a significantly more flexible and universal principle. It is mobile and can simply be transported by forklift – together with the protective housing – between different operation sites.


A strong team for clear position orientation at those locations where it makes logical and economic sense. One machine grips and removes or inserts, and the other stores and stacks. A well-oiled pair of machines.

Other models

  • Z.SIROC overhead with agile 6-axis robot
  • Z.SIROC vertical with 6-axis robot
  • Z.SIROC sideload with linear Side entry axis


  • toothbrushes
  • interdental brushes
  • pre-filled syringes
  • pharmaceutical containers

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