Don't be scared: Powerful technology for strong brushes


Eight times the legwork: robust & flexible

The Z.SPIDER offers a flexible solution for the industrial production of large cylindrical, disc, and strip brushes. Its robust machine construction guarantees the precise processing of long and stiff materials at high tufting speeds. The potent combination of wire and nylon tufting allows for the production of high-performance brushes for the most discerning applications.


Think big

Cylinders with exterior diameters of up to 900 mm and lengths of up to 4 m are easy prey for the Z.SPIDER. Cylinders today and strips later on in the afternoon? No problem: Changeovers to other models are extremely fast, with the Z.SPIDER.

Benefits of the Z.SPIDER

  • highly efficient production of large and long cylinders
  • very quick changeovers to other brush samples of only 10–15 minutes
  • tufting speeds of up to 550 tufts/min. with short strokes of 70 mm
  • suitable for the processing of plastic, natural fiber, and wire tufting
  • can process tufting materials with lengths of up to 320 mm
  • very operator-friendly thanks to its horizontal contruction

From brush to brush in only 15 minutes

Out special workholder-changing system allows for changeovers to other samples in only 10–15 minutes.

Shiftable tufting tool

The tufting tool can be shifted automatically, which allows for clamping-free operation. This in turn reduces downtime. An investment that pays off in a jiffy.

Other models

  • Z.SPIDER 2 | choice of 70 mm or 100 mm, suitable for plate brushes and cylindrical brushes with a max. length of 4,000 mm


suitable for the production of technical and industrial brushes such as: cylindrical brushes, strip brushes, and plate brushes

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