Quite the bounty: Up to 75 brushes per minute


Operated by hand, fast, and dangerously reliable

And the Z.SWORD offers all this with remarkably easy and secure operation. In contrary to the swordfish – being a predacious, bony fish feared for his ruthless hunting instincts to catch and eat other fish – our Z.SWORD eats filaments. Filaments which habe been cut by trimming units before the end-rounding process. The tufted toothbrushes are placed onto a conveyor belt by an operator, and subsequently clamped precisely and tightly at the brush head. The product is given the corresponding topography by trimming units combined with spreading systems. A great end-rounding quality is guaranteed by an adjustable number of grinding and polishing units. On request, it is even possible to decorate the toothbrush handle – with a fish, for example. The process is rounded off by brush cleaning, which offers the necessary hygiene.


Your sword for first-class trimming

The ideal family of machines for first-class trimming and rounding of up to 75 brushes per minute. High investment safety through reliable technology, which realizes very high outputs with consistent quality and only one machine operator. The extremely precise cutting quality guarantees the perfect rounding of filaments.

Benefits of the Z.SWORD

  • the Z.SWORD can be adjusted to customer topography and quality demands with various extension levels
  • the universal SP9 clamping device clamps/holds numerous toothbrushes, with low-effort changing
  • processes various filament types with great rounding quality
  • large product variation by applying various decorations (imprints)
  • high quality assurance with date code (blind coding)

Tuft & Start

Stable construction, precision components, ergonomic design, simple operating and control concept & universal clamping – ZAHORANSKY-Tuft & Start, start “swording” directly on-site, without commissioning. That's looking real sharp!


The Z.SWORD can digest up to three Z.SHARK tufting units. The cost-effective production type for budget toothbrushes, or “3-on-1” for premium rounding quality. Up to 95% rounding quality with 10 rounding grinders and excellent positioning accuracy.

Other models

  • Z.SWORD 17 | 116 high-output version, double-clamping edition
  • Z.ORCA 18 | 113 | 116 | 216 the individual solution for toothbrush production to meet discerning demands, with frequent model changes


  • toothbrushes with 1 to 4 plastic components and TPE lamellae in the head area (massage elements)
  • toothbrushes with various filament types (nylon, PPT) and filament diameters
  • various cuts, such as straight, high/low, or profile cuts
  • production of electric toothbrushes (replacement heads), children’s toothbrushes

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