Fearfully efficient brush production: 30% extra


The fully automated powerhouse: 6 million dishwashing brushes/year

Z.TIGER is your specialist for the production of household and hygienic brushes. The Z.TIGER lives up to and exceeds all discerning demands thanks to ZAHORANSKY's high-end technology, with reliable processes and high quality at exceptional performance. This machine system produces more brushes in shorter periods. With its extremely high drilling and tufting speeds (1,200 tufts/min. + 1.7 s idle time), output is increased by up to 30%. And that pays off.


The Z.TIGER shows its servo-controlled tooling jaws

The new, moveable servo-controlled tooling jaws are a real highlight of the Z.TIGER. These allow for tremendous material savings. Handle thicknesses of less than 6 mm can also be tufted. Another unique feature is the “variable driver depth adjustment”. This guarantees the sufficiently deep insertion of filament tufts into each hole, depending on the angle of the tool's position relative to the handle surface. And this results in better quality and greater tuft retention.

Benefits of the Z.TIGER

  • Tuft & Clip: Quick-change workholders with integrated servo motors and rapid connection
  • costs savings through great energy efficiency
  • Ergonomic Rapid Change Over – software-controlled, reproduceable changeovers

Ergonomic Rapid Change Over

ERCO – the key to more production, fewer malfunctions because of changeovers, and quality guarantees. ERCO is a software-controlled monitoring and changeover system that checks compliance with configuration values during changeovers to another brush sample with toolless positioning systems. Here, changeover reproducibility is guaranteed and erroneous settings avoided.

Tuft & Clip

Product changes are done in a jiffy. The easy “Tuft & Clip” process makes it possible to rapidly clip various brushes into the workholder. The power supply is realized using a quick-action lock, servos are integrated in the workholder, and only four screws suffice for fixing. This quick-change workholder system expedites product changes, making them more easy and flexible.

Superior energy efficiency

  • approx. 70% lower energy consumption -with energy-saving valve technology
  • up to 10% higher efficiency -with highly efficient motors
  • up to 95% shorter overall idle time -thanks to intelligent energy management
  • up to 94% lower abrasive forces -with bearing parts and guide units

Z.TIGER 8225 MT: The fully automated powerhouse

Fully-automated 4-station twin carousel, 5-axis version for drilling and tufting.

  • Household brushes and street-sweeping brooms up to a length of 600 mm in one operation

Other models

  • Z.TIGER 8225: 8 clamping stations | 2 drill units | 2 tufting tools | 5-axes version | semi-automated production
  • Z.TIGER 8225MT: 8 clamping stations | 2 drill units | 2 tufting tools | 5-axes version | fully automated production
    → the Z.TIGER is also available in a manually operated version; manual feeding or fully automated production and with or without trimming unit
  • available with 70 mm or 100 mm tool stroke, depending on brush model


  • Suitable for the production of household and hygienic brushes such as:
    → brooms, hand brushes, mops, dishwashing brushes, WC brushes, scrubbing brushes, bath brushes, cylindrical brushes, brushes with 180°tuft positioning
    → processing wooden and plastic handles
    → filament types: can process plastic filament | wire filament | natural fibers and natural hair

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