Handsome, striking, colorful: The expert for nail lacquer brushes


The cock of the walk

The Z.TUCAN is your specialist for nail polish brushes, and particularly popular with ladies, who use around seven brushes each day for their daily hair and body care routine – as well as one small one, for their nails. And the Z.TUCAN can produce a whole bunch of those. The Z.TUCAN tufts, cuts, and grinds nail polish brushes in fully automatic operation, with a real operation output of up to 300 brushes per minute.


5 nail polish brushes/sec. for 10 perfectly lacquered nails

Applying nail polish takes time, care, and patience. The production of a nail polish brush, on the other hand, is much faster – at a whopping 200 milliseconds. That means 5 brushes per second, 300 per minute, or almost half-a-million per day. Without operator. But that's only possible on a Z.TUCAN, which absolutely shatters the competition. Handsome and fast at the same time.

Benefits of the Z.TUCAN

  • extremely high output of 300 nail polish brushes per minute, without operator
  • automatic handle feeding
  • including cut and rounding
  • material feeding through spool or filament box
  • contour cut for round cuts
  • “ready to bottle” with optional lacquer bath and drying tower
  • optional counting and sorting device for commissioning

The Z.TUCAN turns into your cash cow

And because a bird is much smaller than a cow, it manages to produce almost 100,000,000 nail polish brushes per year while taking up only four square meters. Without operator. Fully automated. Your CFO will thank you later.

Ready to bottle

The brush goes into the bottle. Naturally, what's a beautiful brush without equally beautiful polish? The question is: How do we securely insert the brush into the bottle during the process, without the filaments bending or feathering out? Well, let us take care of that for you, with our downstream lacquer bath and drying tower. This infuses the brush with a soluble lacquer, making it “ready to bottle”.

Other models

  • Z.TUCAN for nail polish brushes with a straight or contour cut
  • Z.TUCAN for nail polish brushes with trimmed or ground filament ends
  • Z.TUCAN fully automated, from the automatic handle feeding to the lacquering unit with drying tower


Nail polish brushes with:

  • round or oval holes
  • double-hole function
  • sharpened filament
  • straight or contour cut “dome cut”

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