3D-TUFTING turns all toothbrush design options upside down


Premium brands can keep their heads up high: Z.VAMP doesn't leave them hanging

Z.VAMP technology offers all producers direct access to the world of high-premium toothbrushes. Building on proven Z.AERO technology, Z.VAMP was developed in 2015 to allow toothbrush producers optimal design freedom. The filaments are rounded perfectly in advance, and – using a suction process – filled into a small plate in freely configurable tuft sizes, after which they are sealed at the backside. Finally, the finished head plates and toothbrush handles are assembled and sealed together via ultrasonic welding.


Ultrasonic technology offers design freedom

Design freedom for customers: The Z.VAMP uses the 3D-tufting process to fill plastic plates with filaments without the use of metal anchors. Afterwards, they are used to produce complete toothbrushes. One head plate can be filled with filaments of different colors, forms, and radiuses (“tuft-in-tuft”). Here, there is almost unlimited freedom in selecting angles and filament topographies.

Benefits of the Z.VAMP

  • the Z.VAMP reduces production process costs through 20% filament savings, as the filaments are no longer cut to length in the process
  • consistent high quality through the compact tuft positioning of a diverse range of filaments, with compression cutting in the production process
  • complete freedom in selecting toothbrush handle and tuft design
  • two different filament types can be joined together in one tuft

Stick together like (a) 1

Whether tuft-in-tuft, chemical tapered filament, lengthwise tuft, or extreme angles or topographies – the tufts stick together like (a) 1 – that is to say straight, compact, and dense, with homogenous lengths and without any damages. This puts an end to tarnished, crooked, and protruding filaments and the dreaded “bouquet of flowers” look. And all this at a potential 72 tufts/brush, which equates to approx. 20,000 monofilaments per brush.

Best in class

The best in class convinces by consistent good performance in all disciplines – and the Z.VAMP certainly is best in class: 72 tufts per brush, 95% rounding quality in finishing, 20% filament savings, >25 N tuft retention, brush assembly, extremely high tuft density, 6-color filament box and, and, and… all that while occupying very little space!

Z.VAMP 1: Turns your brush production on upside down

The production of anchorless filament head plates with 100% chemically tapered filaments is a major challenge. ZAHORANSKY Z.VAMP technology enables the production of 1A quality head plates without rework.

  • Production of complete chemically tapered head plates without any rework
  • 100% controlled fusing process through servo axis
  • 6-channel filament box (6 different types and colors possible)
  • Up to 72 bundles per brush

Other modules

  • assembly unit for head plates and finishing
  • hank grinder (HG2/HG3) to round filaments perfectly


  • premium manual toothbrushes with free head and handle design
  • premium children’s toothbrushes with free head and handle design
  • electric toothbrushes (sonic or mechanic drive)
  • freedom in tuft geometry and topography design (free filament variation in one brush)

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