With our mold, we’ll do it six-fold


Multi-component mold range that’ll last forever

Everlasting. With hardened, non-corrosive steels and precision production, the Z.WARP range of multi-component molds allows for up to seven plastic components. It features a super-modular design for a cost-attractive entry into the world of multi-component production.


Multi-component mold system – the perfect design

By separating the basic construction from the molding, investment costs for new models are cut in half. Add to this the option of having new models delivered without sending the entire Z.WARP move back to ZAHORANSKY! And what’s more – a guaranteed delivery time for new mold inserts of just 3 months.

Benefits of the Z.WARP

  • Designed for 24/7 operation (around the clock)
  • ZAHORANSKY “Gate Protection” to protect the gate
  • Delivery time of 3 months for new form inserts
  • Costs savings of 50% for new models
  • Integrated changeover handling with form grippers
  • Proprietary ZAHORANSKY controls & Euromap 67

Extendable to up to 7C

Whether your market requires many colors, soft-touch grips, additional TPE massage elements, or TPE tongue cleaners -the Z.WARP series allows for up to 7 different components. Our all-rounder for truly successful toothbrushes.


Our foundation for your quality

Turning one into two – our “Low Cost 2C” solution transforms one-component injection molding machines into two-component machines, with a simple upgrade using a separate injection unit. The small injection unit rides piggyback on your Z.WARP mold and even controls the mold functions.


Time is money

The Z.WARP position will be a hit with your company. It keeps ploughing away while others are on a break. Your benefit: no more time lost inserting and removing parts. With our Servo Cavity Positioning System, they are inserted and removed while work is still ongoing on the mold.


  • Z.WARP – attractively priced multi-component mold for toothbrushes
  • Z.WARP move – modularly designed 2C-7C mold
  • Z.WARP core – core-back mold to enter the world of multi-component technology
  • Z.WARP turn – index plates / rotary plates / turntable
  • Z.WARP position – Servo Cavity Positioning System


  • Toothbrushes
  • Razors
  • Temples
  • Syringes
  • Writing utensils

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