Quality that stings: Your all-rounder for technical and industrial brushes


Creates quite a buzz with first-class stitching, drilling, and tufting 

The Z.WASP offers prickling skills in the production of technical or household brushes. The semi-automated drilling and tufting machines offer the perfect solution for the production of cylindrical, disc, strip, plate, cup, and hair brushes, as well as brooms. Its greatest feat? Effortless production of various models on the same machine with the rapid workholder exchange system.


Industrious as a Z.WASP

The brilliant solution to meet diverse demands: The easy workholder-exchange system allows for rapid changeovers to different products. This eliminates the long production standstills associated with product or model changes. All these features make the Z.WASP our ZAHORANSKY all-rounder. The 3D Brush Designer offers simple and rapid “offline” hole field programming that guarantees optimal design freedom.

Benefits of the Z.WASP

  • great flexibility (among others: cylindrical, disc, strip, plate, cup, and hair brushes, as well as brooms)
  • rapid product changes with quick changeover system for workholders and inserts
  • TUFT CONTROL – inspection system for tuft retention
  • TRUE GRIT – system for low-wear processing of abrasive materials
  • 3D BRUSH DESIGNER offline – up to 90% reduction in hole-field production costs


The ZAHORANSKYTRUE GRITsystem features durable, low-wear mechanisms, and all wear parts can be exchanged rapidly and at low cost, providing for the trouble-free production of brushes with grinding bristles. TRUE GRIT makes it possible to process abrasive filaments. At the same time, the wear parts are designed such that they can be exchanged quickly and cost-effectively.

The system with exchangeable workholders

There are workholders (or inserts) available for nine different product types. You can discover which Z.WASP can design which brush model using the overview below.

Other models

  • Z.WASP1: suitable for long and large street sweeper brushes such as cylindrical and disc brushes
  • Z.WASP2: the all-rounder, well-suited for all common types of technical brushes
  • Z.WASP3: the specialist for brushes with longer filament lengths
  • Z.WASP4: the ideal solution for smaller brush dimensions


The Z.WASP machine family makes it possible to produce a slew of different technical and industrial brushes. This ranges from disc brushes, cylindrical brushes, strip brushes, tank brushes, plate brushes, wire brushes, and street sweeper brushes, up to glass and WC brushes.

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