Application examples

A ZAHORANSKY solution for all situations

As a full-range supplier, ZAHORANSKY develops injection molding tools, automatization solutions, packaging machines, and tufting and trimming machines for every application; no matter how strange they might seem. Always with passion, meeting the most discerning demands. A small overview is provided here.

Medical technology

A heart of polyamide

Over 40% of deaths in Germany are attributable to cardiovascular disorders. These causes include heart valve diseases. Besides heart-valve reconstruction surgery, artificial, mechanical heart valves are also used. Mechanical heart valves consist of three leaflets. These leaflets are injection molded from polyamide, assembled with a titanium ring and support fabric, and subsequently cleaned, sterilized, and packaged. To produce these leaflets, ZAHORANSKY developed an injection-molding solution that allows for the post-processing-free production of all three components. The component requires extreme precision, and is manufactured at low costs without flow lines, parting lines, or containments; guaranteeing a lifelong service life.


Medical technology

On a roll

The wheels of hospital beds need to meet discerning demands. They must be quiet and easy to push, bear great loads, and divert electrical charges. With ZAHORANSKY’s two-component injection molding solution, the complete wheel is produced during the injection molding process. Here, the second plastic component is electrically conductive and grounded in a clever “injection molding” way. This way, electrical charges are conducted into the ground when the rolls connect with the bed. This injection molded component makes superfluous the timely assembly of the wheels or additional solutions to conduce currents from the hospital bed.


Medical technology

Vaccinated against high costs

Medicine containers for liquid vaccines are usually made from glass. These small injection bottles are sealed using a TPE tuft (septum) and an aluminum flanged cap. This solution comes with several disadvantages: costly cleaning, the necessity to sterilize, and glass fragments if the container breaks. Our solution combines injection molding and automatization. The containers are molded under sterile conditions and the TPE tuft is assembled aseptically, without intermediate steps. The robots and injection mold meet the class-5 cleanroom demands. Special constructive measures are considered to rule out any particle contamination. This means that the containers do not need to be sterilized again before filling them with the vaccine. This saves addition operations, washing, drying, inspection, and sterilization. Which in turn reduces expenditures significantly.


A softie in the carwash

Carwash brushes with a water connection need to remove stubborn dirt, without scratching the varnish. For this, ZAHORANSKY uses special brushes with a soft filament and a very high brush concentration. The brush ends are additionally spliced several times using the so-called flagging process. This greatly increases their surface. The brushes are even more dense and froth up the solvent even better. The filament ends are flagged with extremely sharp knife blocks with 72 individual flagging knives each. They are integrated twice in the trimming machine. The special brushes are produced with the Z.LION or Z.PARD and trimmed and cut on a trimming machine of the remarkably effective RP series.

Medical technology

The most important filter in the world!

Dialysis filters are artificial kidneys that cleanse the blood of toxins and excess water when the natural kidneys fail.
The history of dialysis began in 1924, when German physician Georg Haas performed hemodialysis (blood dialysis) on a human being for the first time.
Since then, dialysis technology has continued to evolve and improve.
Today, there are various types of dialysis filters. ZAHORANSKY offers the VITRO Z dialyzer, a fully automated production line for manufacturing up to 6 million dialyzers per year.


Double Hockey: India's spiciest brush

It’s healthy to eat spicy food and stand instead of sit. These are Indian beliefs, and that’s why they use the Turkish “squatting toilets” (whoever came up with that invention?). These need to be cleaned with special toilet brushes with a long handle, which can reach all nooks and crannies and provides a good scrubbing function. These demands gave birth to a solution, the DOUBLE HOCKEY BRUSH – India’s most popular toilet brush. From a technical point of view, these special brushes are quite difficult to produce. The long handle and many ufting angles require special machine solutions, clamping technologies, and programming. The 5-axes Z.LION with special double-hockey configuration is just perfect. Eat, digest, double hockey.


Clean: Fast Pilot Service

The launch of a new toothbrush is quite a feat for producers. Countless design proposals, market studies, and field testing take up a lot of time and money. This is where our FAST PILOT SERVICE comes in handy. In only 2 plus 2 weeks, we will develop the new product up to market maturity in 4 phases, following the idea: CAD model, handle and hole field model = complete toothbrush model.

Conveyer technology

Conveying care

Whether in furniture production, glass production, the automotive industry, or paint shop – logistics processes often require gentle transport to prevent damage to sensitive product surfaces. The brushes should be soft enough to avoid surface scratching. Dust and other undesired particles should fall between the filaments and tufts, preventing them from unfolding their full scratching potential. Another benefit: The brushes prevent static charging of the conveyor products. The Z.HORNET (strip brushes) and Z.WASP (strip/plate brushes) series offer the ideal machines.


Unswerving production

Innovative brush technology can now be marveled on the slopes as well. Today, Alpine slopes are lined with poles that are anchored into the ground with brushes rather than threads. The brushes do not lodge themselves firmly into the snow, but still offer a stable grip – even under poor weather conditions. This is done with smaller cylindrical brushes with a special profile that have a more slanting angle than the individual tufts. They work as dowels. The brush tufts are forced apart under tension, lodging deeper into the snow. Alternatively, twisted brushes can also be used. This type of cylindrical brush is produced on Z.WASP and Z.LION machines. The twisted brushes are produced on Z.LYNX-series machines.

Medical technology

All our knowledge in one shell

Petri dishes are used to cultivate microorganisms and cell cultures.
Nowadays, disposable plastic Petri dishes are mostly used. These have different sizes and shapes and can be equipped with or without aeration cams.
ZAHORANSKY offers not only the injection mold but also the automation, which is indispensable for this kind of medical devices nowadays.
We will be happy to cultivate your solution as well.

Medical technology


Syringes from the PRIMA Z syringe cannot prevent the prick, but they make production more painless.
We offer the next generation of fully automated production.
At ZAHORANSKY, the needles are separated in the machine and overmolded directly in the injection mold. This eliminates the need to glue in the needles, which is often still common practice. Thanks to full automation (no human touch), the highest quality and hygiene are guaranteed and all process steps up to the packaged end product are possible.
A lot has happened since the Frenchman Charles-Gabriel Pravaz developed the first syringe with a plunger in 1841, let's see what else is to come! We are ready.

Medical technology

Filling, but correctly!

Vials are small containers made of plastic or glass that are used to store medicines. The term "vial" comes from the Greek word "phial" and refers to a wide, flat container.
There is an increasing demand for high-capacity machines to achieve high output rates per hour.
ZAHORANSKY production lines are the suitable solution.


A sparkling achievement

A feast for the eyes: Special polishing brushes give jewelry that gorgeous shine. Whether satined, shining, or matte, there are several options to polish the various metal surfaces of silver, platinum, or gold. Therefore, a broad range of natural and artificial filaments and brushes, as well as tuft arrangement, are employed depending on the polishing use. Equally sparkling? ZAHORANSKY’s automated production using the Z.SWAN.


A firm grasp

Similar to the market for men’s body-grooming products, ladies’ shavers for body hair removal are booming. The razor’s handle – which needs to convince by its looks and functionality – is often produced during an elaborate multi-component inject molding process. Their labels come with discerning technical demands, as they should be both water, soap, and abrasion resistant. Here, the so-called “In-Mold Labeling” system is used. The label is inserted into the injection mold and overmolded during the further injection molding process. The label is then covered by a layer of plastic that provides permanent protection. Here, ZAHORANSKY uses complete installations to produce these three-component razor handles, which are placed automatically and simultaneously into the 16-cav injection molds.


An eye for quality

Eyelashes and eyebrows grow faster with special cosmetic-medical mixtures with a Botox component. Their use requires special, single-tuft applicator brushes. To meet the strict quality demands in place for medical products, the applicators must be injection molded, transported, processed, controlled, and packaged with a “no-human-touch” procedure. The selected ZAHORANSKY installation configuration unites the injection molding process with a 128-cavity mold to produce the applicator handles, the tuft process with 300 applicators per minute, all feed-in and handling systems with robots, vibration conveyors and trays, as well as various quality controls. The installation is fed with plastic granulate and puts out sterile applicator brushes in transparent blister packaging, controlled by a camera system.

Oral hygiene

A grasp of colors

Toothbrush models come in different color varieties. Changing the color settings of injection molding machines is time-consuming, generally taking one or two hours. Moreover, the colored plastic need to be stored temporarily and supplied into the color mix for commercial packing at a later point. Generally, frequent color changes are avoided to minimize production downtime, meaning that the individual colors are produced and stored on stock. ZAHORANSKY developed a solution that allows for the injection molding of four different colors without color changes or interim storage. This solution consists of a 7-component tool in a 16-cavity version. This makes just in time production possible.

Oral hygiene

A solution without dents

Brushes for between the teeth, interdental toothbrushes, offer two benefits. Besides the conventional cleaning action of a toothbrush, they additionally clean the interdental spaces. Each tuft has several additional, longer filaments that protrude from the main tuft. The strength and stiffness of these tufts can be varied using a special material picker. This picker, when picking the tuft from the material box, takes several longer and/or stiffer or softer filaments from a separate material channel through additional notches, feeding them into one tuft. This special, patented procedure is realized on specially fitted Z.ORCA units.


Quality injections

Special moisture-proof distributor boxes usually have rubber bushings to receive cable sheaths. These are separate components that are connected to the actual box. Here too, ZAHORANSKY developed a solution that simplifies the production of these distributor boxes: A 2-component injection molding tool in which the TPE cable ducts are produced. These TPE elements later serve as sealing lips. In other words, after the cables are fed through, the TPE material seals the cables, guaranteeing that they are moisture proof. The real highlight: quality control. A leak test is performed through differential pressure measurement. This saves an assembly step, while the integrated quality control delights European producers, as this gives them back their competitive edge.


A quality escalation

Escalators are a fixed staple of all train stations, airports, and malls. However, there wouldn’t be any without brushes. These serve a sealing purpose at those spots where the rolling stairs and cladding need a spot to compensate for their relative motions. The strip brushes prevent pants or shoelaces from getting stuck, which might lead to injury. ZAHORANSKY brush machines ensure safe operation, produced in the Z.HORNET series for strip brushes, for example.

Food production

Blue-and-white French fries

Who doesn’t love French fries? The most delicious treat the potato has to offer. Germany alone produces over half a million tonnes of French fries each year; the US and Canada produce almost 4.5 million tons; Belgium has approx. 5,000 French fries stands. But who cleans and peels all these potatoes? Of course, the answer is: Industrial machines & units with special cylindrical brushes. And these are produced by the machines from our Z.WASP and Z.SPIDER series. Bon appetit!

Food production

To prevent the mutiny of the cows

They increase production, save time, perform online quality controls, make planning more flexible, and in the end: result in happier and healthier cows. Milk robots are setting new standard in agriculture. This also includes automatic teat cleaning with water and brushes. Small, rotating cylindrical brushes are used to prevent infections. These are arranged in an opposing or triangular pattern and clean the teats gently and effectively. The brushes assume an important function: They support the wetting process and clean mechanically; as such, they contribute significantly to udder health. The teat brushes can be produced in Z.WASP or Z.LION machines with workholder carriages for cylindrical brushes.


Animal care

Wellness for cows

The wellness trend has manifested itself in agriculture for a while already. The industry is marred by stories of stressed-out bovines suffering from the demands of intensive meat production. Demand for high-quality meat is back and here, cow husbandry and fodder is key. Free-ranging cattle who live stress-free lives on pastures, with clean air and massage stations with cylindrical brushes, produce first-class meat. These giant brushes are produced by ZAHORANSKY machines from the Z.WASP and Z.SPIDER series.


Animal care

A dog's life

There are dogs whose looks make it hard to tell what's the front and what's the back. And then there are these poodles with undercuts. They have one thing in common: they need a good brushing. And of course, there are countless types of special brushes available, as well as for cats, horses, and other animals. Can you guess which machines are used to make them? Of course, ZAHORANSKY machines, such as the Z.LION or Z.SWAN.

PS: We also make machines for horse toothbrushes.



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