Innovation causes dinosaurs in toothbrush production to die out


The revolution in toothbrush production strikes the world like a meteor

With a big bang, the CUBE revolutionizes toothbrush production and makes the long-established dinosaur machines look old. With its clear, modular three-part design – consisting of a base unit, supply unit and cover unit – in conjunction with the new ZMI 4.0 machine control system, the innovation sets new standards in the manufacture of anchor-tufted toothbrushes. Up to six CUBEs can be combined to increase the number of units or adapt to new market requirements. The sequence of the tufting and finishing units can be variably adjusted in the process.

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A new era of brush production

65 million years ago, the dinosaurs died out when the Earth was hit by a giant meteorite. In the world of oral care brush production, the CUBE is a comparable event. Everything is changing. Many "dinosaur machines" are dying out because they no longer meet today's standards. These "dinosaur machines" are not carnivores or herbivores, but are the worst cost, resource, personnel and time guzzlers of all time. And the CUBE is their natural enemy.

Always one innovative step ahead

Are new toothbrush designs always limited by rigid machine technology, or are they impossible without new equipment? Even if, from the existing idea to the launch, two years or more roll by? Then say goodbye to your innovation guzzler and always be one innovative step ahead of your competitors from here on out.

Your benefits:

  • Unique product designs (diff. hole diameters / complex trim profiles)
  • No limits in design in manufacturing of manual toothbrushes or power toothbrush heads
  • Time to market of a new toothbrush model approx. 4 months

Extremely short changeover times

Whether it's replacing parts, making adjustments to the system or carrying out tests, changeovers in your production are time-wasting nightmares that cost a lot of money. In addition, there are long delivery times for individual systems which require very long-term planning. Put an end to these time guzzlers with CUBE.

Your benefits:

  • Fast installation of the CUBE: max. 5 days
  • Short changeover times: 2-4 hours
  • Delivery time new brush sample kit: 6-8 weeks

Maximum process reliability

Linked production lines are always problematic. If individual modules or stations fail, the entire system quickly grinds to a halt. This leads to massive losses. Machines that are prone to failure are fatal flaws in maximum process reliability.

Your benefits:

  • High flexibility = ZERO investment risk
  • 50 % less downtime (e.g. production continues during maintenance)
  • No additional handling needed between interlinked CUBE-Lines
  • Technical availability: up to 98 %

New ways forward in ergonomics

Ergonomics is a foreign word for the toothbrush machines of the past generation. The systems have basically been strung together like puzzle pieces and have grown into an impractical, gigantic monster, which often means long walking distances of at least 5 km a day for the operator. In addition, many areas of such systems are difficult to access and are always associated with assembly and disassembly work. With the CUBE, all of this will change.

Your benefits:

  • Free accessibility to all working stations
  • Ergonomic one-side operation = 80% less walking distances
  • Software-controlled monitoring and changeover system (ERCO)

Scalable without limits

These days, you have to respond quickly to changing market requirements. Extra deliveries and quick system changeovers are part of everyday life. Add to that the complex and time-intensive training of staff. Sluggish, inflexible and complicated systems are a no-go.

Your benefits:

  • Suitable for manual- and/or power toothbrushes
  • Freely up or down scalable according to production demand
  • CUBE high output mode or CUBE all around mode for demanding toothbrushes/ hole patterns
  • Upgrade possibility of additional functions

Cost savings from out of this world

Expensive toothbrush machines often cost more than €1 million. In addition, there are high expansion costs and high running costs, which increase the investment risk. With CUBE, these cost guzzlers are finally dying out.

Your benefits:

  • 20 % reduced capital investment due to standardized components
  • 40 % reduced changeover costs due to less sample specific parts
  • Only 1 operator for entire CUBE line (Output: From 40 up to 160 toothbrushes per minute)

Flexibility and efficiency all in one

- High output mode for your megaseller toothbrush!
- All round mode for production of complex toothbrush design in several steps.

- 40 % reduced changeover costs due to less sample specific parts.

- 20 % reduced capital investment due to standardized components.

CUBE vs. Dino Machines

Get started in a groundbreaking era of toothbrush production

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Yesterday's machinery:

  • Specific machine required
    High output or all around mode
  • Large Footprint
    Because of customized complex machinery
  • Complicated/non standard machinery
    Specially trained operators required
  • Advanced planing for changeover
    High storage costs (Make to stock)
  • Not suitable for multiple toothbrush types
    Either manual toothbrushes or power toothbrush heads
  • Larger machine conversions only possible at supplier’s plan
    E.g. high shipping costs and production downtimes for months

Pioneering advantages:

  • Change of production mode within seconds
    Total CUBE-Line
  • No customized machinery
    CUBE is the standard
  • Standardized machine operation
    No specially trained operators needed
  • Toothbrush production according to demand
    Make to order
  • Suitable for multiple toothbrush types on the same CUBE
    Manual toothbrushes and/or power toothbrush heads
  • Plug & Play
    CUBE Units are fully set up and tested at ZAHORANSKY (before shipment)


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