Industrial Mechanic

Field: Machine/Plant Engineering

Requirements: Hauptschulabschluss (school-leaving qualification) or Mittlere Reife (GCSE)
Education duration: 3.5 years
Education location: Todtnau / Freiburg
Activity areas:production, assembly
Further education:Master Engineer; Business Administrator; Technician; Higher Education Programs

Education subject matter

Reading, applying, and creating technical documentation

Trade basics: drilling, turning, trimming, clamping, separating, welding

CNC turning / CNC trimming

Module assembly, creating pneumatic and hydraulic switches

Materials science, occupational safety, and environmental protection

Tasks and activities

The tasks of an industrial mechanic primarily concern the assembly of prefabricated parts into all types of machines, and their interlinking to systems. You work alone or in a team, in single or small-series assembly.

  • manufacturing or processing parts, such as bending sheets, reaming, drilling, trimming, turning
  • repairing and general maintenance of worn machines and parts
  • assembling modules based on work plans and measuring devices
  • commissioning units

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