16-way inspiring syringe technique


Raise the glasses - made of plastic, of course

The PRIMA Z Syringe is the first production line on the market featuring a 16-cavity mold for staked-needle-syringes manufacture as pharmaceutical primary packaging for liquid medication. These so-called parenterals are produced in a modern plastic injection molding process with overmolded cannulas. Compared to glass syringes, these do not need to be washed, dried and sterilized before filling.


One-stop shopping from granules to packaged product

As part of the one-stop shopping approach, ZAHORANSKY offers its customers turnkey production systems. This includes all processes related to product design, from the required injection molds, production in automated systems to final packaging. If required, medical technology validation according to cGMP and a holistic quality management and service concept are also included.

Production lines for any requirement

Based on customer-specific product designs, a cycle time of 15 to 17 seconds can be achieved on the three currently available PRIMA Z production lines using the no-human-touch process. Ready-to-use syringes (Pre-Filled Syringes, PFS) according to ISO11040-6 with filling quantities of 0.5 to 5 ml, cannula sizes of 19 G to 32 G and cannula lengths of 12 to 45 mm can be manufactured for immediate filling.

  • The PRIMA Z 4-cavity line produces up to 850 parts per hour
  • The PRIMA Z 8-cavity line produces up to 1,700 parts per hour
  • The PRIMA Z 16-cavity line produces up to 3,400 parts per hour

Advantages of Vials & Pre-filled Syringes of COC/COP

  • pH neutral surface
  • Lower heavy metal content than glass
  • Freezer compatibility increases shelf life, especially for highly sensitive medication
  • No risk of breakage and, compared to glass, easier and safer handling for self-medication
  • More freedom in product design and in cannula-position and shape

PRIMA Z tube

Primary packaging for rotavirus vaccine

The customer's requirement for the production of pharmaceutical primary packaging for a mono-component vaccine presented ZAHORANSKY with a complex task. On the one hand, the use of a known design should allow the administration method to be intuitively deduced. Additionally, as part of no-human-touch production process, the tube body with membrane and spike cap had to be produced separately, assembled firmly together and checked for integrity and tightness before filling.

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PRIMA Z syringe

Ready-to-administer syringes for any requirement

Pharmaceutical primary products with sterile needles - such as disposable needles, staked needle syringes (pre-filled syringes) and insulin pen adapters - are used in a variety of applications every day. In all cases, products made of plastic are clearly superior to their glass counterparts in terms of practical handling and unproblematic storage. We present the advantages of COC/COP based containers.

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PRIMA Z vial

Medication container in multi-component design

Medicine containers for liquid vaccine can also be made of plastic instead of glass. This has numerous advantages for storage and handling in doctor's offices, laboratories, hospitals and emergency medical services. A novelty in this area: ZAHORANSKY implemented a pioneering customer project in which the containers do not require sterilization. The production via injection stretch blow molding and aseptic filling in the assembly unit take place in the common manufacturing environment.

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