Process mechanic for plastics and rubber engineering

Field of molded parts

Requirements: Hauptschulabschluss (Secondary Education), Mittlere Reife (GCSE) or Abitur (A-level/IB)
Training period: 3 years
Training location: Freiburg
Training type: dual system at school and the company, commercial school in Emmendingen
Fields of activity: assembly, final acceptance
Further education: master craftsperson; engineer

Duties and activities

Your daily activities pick up where the work of your toolmaking colleague ends – with the testing and inspection of new injection molding tools on the respective injection molding machines. 
This covers the production and processing of (semi-)finished products from plastic or rubber; the planning and management of work processes; putting machines, devices and lines into operation; as well as inspecting and documenting the quality of the products.

Education contents:

  • Learning basic skills on conventional turning and milling machines
  • Producing and processing (semi-)finished products from plastic and rubber
  • Planning and managing work processes
  • Putting machines, devices, and lines into operation
  • Process development
  • Inspecting and documenting the quality of the products
  • Planning and producing technical systems in tool making
  • Changing and adapting technical systems in tool making
  • Material science, occupational safety, and environmental protection

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