From a parallel universe: parallel injection molding and assembling of various plastic components


Opens up new boundaries in injection assembling

Classic assembly processes of plastic parts require a lot of time and money. The parts must be injection molded in parallel on different injection molding machines with the fitting forms for subsequent sequential assembly or joining. Our Z.BLAST takes a different approach. Our “Totally Integrated Manufacturing” principle makes it possible to carry out parallel injection molding and assemble different plastic components in one form and on one injection molding machine.


Parallelized? Paralyzed? Either way, these new possibilities leave you stunned

Z.BLAST makes injection assembly more flexible while maintaining the same cycle time. How, you ask? With injection molding and assembly running in parallel to primary machining. On top of that, Z.BLAST allows for quick product changeovers by simply changing the cavity plates.

Benefits of the Z.BLAST

  • injection assembly of components in parallel to primary machining
  • short cycle times
  • high process reliability
  • assembly of more than two different parts
  • compatible with standard injection molding machines (depending on the model)
  • simple and quick product changeover by means of a cavity change, regardless of the injection point geometry and assembly direction

Assembling a threesome…

… using the example of a “Push-Pull” closure. The three individual parts are assembled inside the mold, without the assembly time affecting the cycle time. Complete closures are assembled in the cycle.

Assembling a twosome

They drive in when opening the mold to remove the injection-molded parts. After being removed from the mold, the parts are assembled – in parallel to the injection-molding process. The assembly plates are extremely flexible, can move freely, and can be fitted for various functions such as assembling, populating, inspecting, or ejecting.


  • Z.BLAST turn – cube mold for special injection molding machines
  • Z.BLAST move – compatible with standard injection molding machines


  • Plastic closures
  • Push-pull closures
  • Packaging elements
  • Parts for medical technology
  • Assembly of plastic parts

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