Scares off the competition: 1,200 tufts per minute

The Z.HORNET swarm

The absolute kings of strip brush production

They flock from everywhere for this swarm: The Z.HORNET series of machines has set new standards in strip brush production. With its exceptional speed, the high-performance and popular machine concept is optimally suited to process large amounts or produce large numbers of strip brushes. The range of Z.HORNET machines spans from the hand-operated, manual version to the fully automated version with automatic handle feeding (angled magazine) and filament feeding. Whether endless, single, or multi-row strip brushes, or the production of strip cuts: The Z.HORNET performance stings the competition.


As quick as a sewing machine

Imagine the following. Producing filigree strip brushes with tiny hole diameters, with 20 tufts per second, completely finished including trimming, and as fast as a sewing machine – over 2 miles of strip brushes in 8 hours - well, it's not hard to see how an operating error might be made. No problem. The Z.HORNET stops in milliseconds, thanks to our electronic production stop. And afterwards? The Z.HORNET continues right where it left off. No zeroing necessary. Production resumes without any downtime. Quality that creates quite a buzz.

Benefits of the Z.HORNET

  • automatic filament feeding enables the feeding of very short filament tufts, which reduces cutting waste to a minimum
  • electronic detection of free surfaces (no drilling and tufting), e.g., to skip screwing borehole surfaces
  • The Z.HORNET 2 is equipped with a “high-performance” strip carriage, which can be swiveled manually on one side. This allows for the production of longitudinally orientated strip brushes

Automatic filament feeding

If strip brushes are produced at such speeds, it's impossible for the operator to keep up. That's why we developed the automatic filament inserter. It's special feature? The automatic inserter can also insert very short filaments. This reduces waste and saves money.

Our anonymous testimonials

Unfortunately, we cannot name any of them here. However, if virtually all the largest producers of strip brushes rely almost exclusively on swarms of Z.HORNETS, we feel like we can safely say that they are, in fact, the kings.

Other models

  • Z.HORNET 2: 800 tufts per minute | fully automated production
  • Z.HORNET 3: 1,200 tufts per minute | fully automated production
  • Z.HORNET 4: 700 tufts per minute |fully automated production
  • available with 25/35/70-mm tool strokes, depending on brush model


Suitable for the production of strip brushes. Filament types: The Z.HORNET family of machines can process plastic filaments and natural fibers.

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