Clever: Virtually autonomous production of twisted-in technical wire brushes


The missing lynx in your company

The Z.LYNX family of fully automatic high-performance machines for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes operates almost entirely by itself. The clever servo controls guarantee optimum process stability during alignment, advancing, twisting-in, and trimming. There's a right machine for every type of brush. This makes Z.LYNX the economically savvy solution – while, of course, offering the usual first-class ZAHORANSKY quality.


The Z.LYNX sprints automatically

And the Z.LYNX keeps running and running and running. Spurred on by nobody but himself. ZAHORANSKY is the most experienced player on the full-automation market. And for good reason, because the Z.LYNX was the first automated machine for the production of twisted-in wire brushes with eyes out there.

Benefits of the Z.LYNX

  • filaments from spools or material boxes
  • fully automated closed loop possible
  • highly precise trimming with HSS steel
  • contour cut with servo-controlled trimming unit
  • automatic wire feeding and straightening station for higher speeds with fewer malfunctions

Flawless contours

The servo-controlled trimming unit offers flawless contour cuts. There are no limits to your imagination. And all operations are controlled by recipes through the control software, without sample parts.

Centring instead of trimming

With smaller brush diameters, a different process is used to center the filaments. Usually, this is done with a trimming process with an HSS profile trimmer. The Z.LYNX centers filaments with the centers filaments with half-pipe-shaped guide shells. This shortens cycle times and increases output. Moreover, it prevents the trimming machine from wearing, as the guide shells use a non-wear process.

Other models

  • Z.LYNX 2 – machines with optimized output for twisted-in brushes with closed end, for smaller brushes. Output of finished via a slide.
  • Z.LYNX 3 – universal machine to produce all kinds of twisted-in brushes, also with loop, for larger brush diameters. The brush part can be on either side, the open or closed end. The finished brushes are removed through an output conveyor.

Z.LYNX 3: Greater power for twisted-in-wire brushes

The fully automatic, high-performance Z.LYNX 3 boasts an output increase of up to 85 percent in the production of twisted-in-wire brushes.

  • Fully automatic, no more manual operations required
  • Greatest flexibility for various brush patterns and the quickest possible changeovers
  • With the new ZMI 4.0 controls, the new and improved Z.LYNX 3 can be operated without requiring extensive training. The ZMI 4.0 additionally ensures even greater precision in controlling the mechanical components


KDE and KZA – semi-automated machines that produce twisted-in-wire brushes. The specialists for smaller series and frequent product changes; when automation doesn't pay. Optimal flexibility at the lowest-possible investment. Twisted-in, trimmed, ground. On request, also with quality control by camera, and with a plenty of auxiliary devices to prepare and feed-in the materials to be processed. The full package, but only semi-automated. Toned!


  • brush applications: bottle cleaning brushes, cleaning brushes, deburring brushes, grinding brushes, honing brushes
  • suitable for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes with closed ends on the front or with loops
    → twist-in-wire: normal wire or plastic-coated
    → filament types: filament wire, wool, natural fiber, nylon – a combination of different nylon colors or types is also possible –, can also process abrasive filaments (grinding bristles)

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