Simply sharp: “Needle Feeding System” without particle contamination


Simply cannot stand idly by

Z.NFS (Needle Feeding System) is the perfect solution for the automated and contactless isolation of needles and cannulas for use in medical technology. It allows for easy retooling, with virtually no downtime. This makes it the perfect machine to flexibly produce medical technology products from steel, stainless steel, or plastic – such as needles and cannulas to administer medication or skin-prick aids for diabetics.


A medical technlogy process so safe, it stings

Human particle contamination is impossible with medical technology validation and the compliance with cleanroom standards. The “first-in-first-out” principle and unique Z.NFS process guarantee that the syringes and cannulas spend as short a time in the machine as possible, without any contact with the tip. This ensures that the needles remain intact.

Benefits of the Z.NFS

  • isolation of up to 400 needles per minute
  • no human particle contamination
  • no damage to the needle/cannula tip
  • medical technology validation in accordance with GMP
  • meets cleanroom standards


  • single-use cannulas
  • staked needle syringes
  • insulin pen adapters

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