The giant for highly effective toothbrush production: up to 3,600 brushes/hr


Stupefying efficiency that approaches 100%

Extreme flexibility is required to produce toothbrushes. Different models feature a broad range of designs and topographies, handles, filaments, and colors. Moreover, the machines should realize quick changeovers and effective production meeting the most discerning standards of hygiene. There is only one solution that lives up to this challenge: Z.ORCA. Clever, universal, flexible.


More freedom with add-ons

The Z.ORCA is configured individually following specific demands. With high-performance feeding units, tray systems, tapered-filament packages, automated filament-refilling processes, color sorting, and object finishing. Or with small features such as the 360° turret, adjustable material-picker grooves, depth offset, or mechanical-tapered grinders. Huge!

Benefits of the Z.ORCA

  • machine availability of up to 98%
  • “Ergonomic Rapid Change Over” saves valuable production time
  • quality assurance through camera control
  • rounding quality of up to 95%
  • ready for CTF & fine filaments

Ergonomic Rapid Change Over ERCO

ERCO allows for reproducible changeovers to other toothbrush models. The clever system combines software, control technology, and sensors in order to speed up changeovers by up to 50%. And it doesn’t require a specialist to operate ERCO’s intuitive, simple, and secure system.

Giant, unrivaled performance

Only the Z.ORCA can offer these four features at the same time:

  • Chem. tapered filament with 1,000 tufts/min.
  • PLUS 98% availability
  • PLUS 90% acceptable parts
  • PLUS 100% quality control

Other models

  • Z.ORCA 18 | 113 | 116 single tufting machine with 8–16 finishing stations for high-quality complex toothbrushes
  • Z.ORCA 216 twin tufting machine for large production scales meeting high quality standards


Production of manual and electric toothbrushes with pre-molded hole field configurations. The perfect machine for brushes with complex handles, hole fields, tuft angles, and topographies. Up to 6 different filament colors/types are possible in one toothbrush. With chemically tapered filaments, production with up to 3 different filament colors/types is possible, as well as hybrid (mix of standard and chem. tapered). The toothbrushes are finished by inserting blind coding (date code), laser coding, logo hot stamping, and decal printing (heat transfer of image imprints).

  • Toothbrushes with 1 to 4 plastic components and TPE lamellae in the head area (massage elements)
  • Toothbrushes with various filament types (nylon, tapered, PBT) and filament diameters
  • Various cuts, such as straight, high/low, or profile cut
  • Various hole geometries (round, oval, square) and volumes (hole spacing), as well as angled tufts orientations
  • Production of electric toothbrushes (replacement heads), children’s toothbrushes

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