This elegant creature used to be called C11


The loyal heir to C11 fame, for cosmetic brushes

Swans mate for life. And our Z.SWAN will also be the only machine you need to produce cosmetic brushes. This first-class machine for first-class brushes adjusts itself perfectly to the demands of customers and products. The Z.SWAN 3-station, single-tool machine with drilling and tufting unit is optimally suited for the production of full-round and flat hairbrushes. With many options and extensions, ranging from manual operation to a freely configurable complete unit. Further highlights are the constructions for “oral care” polishing brushes and jewelry polishing brushes.


You don't have to suffer for beautiful production

Trust is good, Tuft Control is better. The ZAHORANSKY measurement technology for tuft press-in control – “Tuft Control” – allows for the detection and subsequent sorting out of defective products. Particularly with the wide variety of different full-round and flat hairbrushes, it offers a broad range of options, such as the processing of monofilaments and melting or grinding down of filaments

Benefits of the Z.SWAN

  • 5 axes allow for longitudinal parallel hairbrush positioning
  • TUFT CONTROL for quality control of the tuft retention
  • processing of monofilaments, incl. melting unit
  • suitable for double-sided nail brushes, incl. double-sided trimming
  • Handle feeding through a universal conveyor for various brush types
  • Tuft-in-tuft of several filaments into the same hole

The niche specialist

The Z.SWAN is the optimal machine for all uncommon brushes. Whether dental care brushes for the polishing of dental prostheses, jewelry polishing brushes, double-sided nail brushes, rubber hair brushes, or brushes with molten monofilaments. However, the niche specialist is also capable of ordinary feats: classic flat and round hairbrushes, with or without angular position.

The loyal heir

For a long time, the ZAHORANSKY C11 set new standards in the production of polishing brushes and other special brushes. The C11 was a real workhorse – robust, tough, and persevering. It is for good reason that many machines are still in operation, after decades of service. The Z.SWAN is the loyal, first-class heir: flexible, automated, stable.

Other models

  • Z.SWAN for polishing brushes | semi of fully automatic production
  • Z.SWAN for full-round or flat hairbrushes | semi or fully automatic production


  • suitable for the production of cosmetic products and “dental care” products:
    rubber hair brushes, nail brushes, polishing brushes, fully-round and flat hairbrushes
  • processing of wooden and plastic handles
    filament types: can process plastic filaments | wire filament | natural fiber and natural hair

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