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The Z.ZYKLON is a highly efficient and complete system for the production of so called “hypodermic needles” – including needle and molded Luer Lock, in one pass. Without using adhesives and without human particle contamination. The Z.ZYKLON overmolds sharpened cannulas with a Luer Lock application and makes glueing of the needles superfluous.


55 million times a year, and nothing sticks

No contamination caused by man or machine. Just imagine how it used to be done: the operators had to isolate the needles by hand and then manually glue them together with the Luer Lock. Piece by piece. Always carrying with it the risk of contamination through human handling and chemicals.

Benefits of the Z.ZYKLON

  • exact positioning in the mold insert
  • central process control of all modules, incl. needle isolation and injection molding process
  • the needle and Luer lock are joined without adhesives
  • production of 55 million parts per year


  • injection cannulas
  • winged infusion sets

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